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TOTD: Time-Outs are Mandatory!

Greetings Peeps!!!

I truly cannot believe how time has flown by so fast! We are literally 18 days into September of 2014. 103 days left in 2014 that just BLOWS me. I feel like I was just celebrating the New Year with close friends and family, planning for my summer vacations, school business and more! I looked up this week in awe of the TIME itself. Each time I sit to write I tend to look over at the clock and date. This suddenly signals a reminder as to where I come from, where I am and where I am headed! At times it gets scary! Yes, I said scary. Before all of the saints get in an uproar scripture throwing how “God has not given us the spirit of fear" I suggest you become a bit transparent and be honest that something’s in life can scare you! It's not always from a bad place ...some people are scared of the unknown, while others are scared to succeed so let me have that REAL life moment that the pace of the days, months, years and LIFE in general can throw you some fear. (But I digress :))

Most of you know I work in Healthcare Operations by day but because I rarely mention the depth of my work you may not know I currently work in the specialty of PEDIATRICS. When you think PEDS think babies, children, adolescents, etc....anyone newborn-20 years of age. Hanging out around 12 outpatient centers and a National Childrens Medical Center you can imagine I hear/see lots of cries, screams post shots, tears and of course TIME -OUTS. Kids have quite the personality and most parents know when or what is needed to get their children under control. While some children tend to OBEY at onset of instruction you have others that tend to PUSH the limit as far as they can. Those same kids will do something they know they are not supposed to do and then place them in TIME-OUT or a quiet place before the Parent even makes a move. IT is HILARIOUS to watch.... I started to think about LIFE and the busy lives we lead in 2014 striving to get to that IMAGINARY place called THERE, striving to connect and build these IDEAL relationships as to NOT be another statistic, grabbing extraordinary degrees and following dreams that make you LOOK ALIVE when really your dead inside and all of this is being done because NO one is there to say TIME-OUT...If I were still a kid I wonder if my mom & dad would say time-out...

I say this because I come from an era of switches, whippings and paddles? (It was legal then) so anytime I was overextending myself in a direction that was not healthy for me or conducive to the setting we were in...OH yess, it was going down in a major way. This style of discipline was to get me back focused and on track.... But how are we chastised today for our ADULT actions! Who steps in and says TIME-OUT when we lose focus and we begin to ACT OUT...? When GOD tells us NO and we hear YES and proceed anyway what happens! Life TIME -OUTS occur and sometimes they are not by choice! Unfortunately, the child in us leaves the building and though we know we should STOP we fail to take TIME-OUTS only to make matter worse!

Let me tell you a little secret: TIME-OUTS are mandatory! Your thinking to yourself what does a TIME-OUT look like as an adult....It's simple...SIT DOWN. RELAX and REGROUP! Kids were placed in time-out so that they could balance their emotions, to calm anxiety and to re-direct their attention. We all could use moments like that don't ya think? Let me be clear before my workaholics, entrepreneurs all throw eggs at once I'm not talking about the movement that comes with handling your business but I am talking about the unnecessary movement that keeps you up at night (social media), I am talking about the event hopping and feeling depleted in the a.m. with no desire to do well with your task ( You are NOT missing a thing) and lastly those folks who think they have to include everybody in everything at all times ( FALL BACK) it is necessary for your own personal growth and SANITY!

I can only share this because of piece of it I have lived and it's not does more harm than good to not impose a replica of you to the world because the real you is buried underneath THINGS. I could go on for days regarding this subject but I am positive that someone reading this was able to not only connect the dots but to also understand how they are currently feeling. Don't feel bad for not wanting to be bothered, don't beat yourself up for doing things solo and not engaging everyone in everything and lastly BE ok with just BEING! It's really that easy! If you ask me I would much rather put myself in a time-out then to experience any more life whippin's and GOD sent time-outs during impromptu times!

Keep living, Be Patient and Breathe Easy Folks! Take a moment, everybody won't understand but you will feel better in the end!

Love ya!


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