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Transformation at its Best!

Greetings Peeps!!!!

Happy Pre-4th of July weekend 2014!! I was sitting here finishing up some work in prep for a quick trip and felt compelled to write a bit to share....I spent most of my morning, working, cleaning, mediating and simply preparing. In that moment I was moving around and I would let out a brief sigh or an verbal ouch due to some temporary discomfort I am experiencing as a result of my new workout regimen.

As I kept moving along I began to think of how many other moments of temporary discomfort I have had to encounter over life on my way to something wonderful. My workouts this week were intense, I cried and one point I thought my heart was going to jump out of my skin but I realized that as ugly as it seemed , as painful as another flight of stairs looked and as heavy as the weights were in my hands that this temporary 60 minutes of pain was necessary in order to reach my fitness goal.

That's when it hit me....this same sequence has to happen with all of our other goals as well. I walked away feeling accomplished and defeated all at once? ever felt like that? I was glad it was over, I wish I was strong enough to do more and I felt good about even going through it because others may have given up 1/2 way through. ( Believe me, I thought about it)....I can remember feeling the same way about certain relationships, crying, chest hurt, temporary discomfort not realizing it was apart of my LOVE transformation process you don't know how to love until you experience some level of hurt or discomfort...ask your parents, people who have been married a long time about the hell they went through before they were blessed to experience heaven on earth in the arms of each other..unfortunately folks in fitness, family, love and life in general its necessary!

The same concept goes with negative attitudes, changing locations, releasing friends, etc ....anything dealing with change and transformation will require something of you....what are you willing to sacrifice in order to get what you want? are you willing to suffer a few minutes of discomfort for the FIT fate of your future? I dedicated the next 60 days to finish a life transformation over my brand ( me) from the inside out. I am working to better my emotional health, spiritual health and physical health and it takes much sacrifice. What am I sacrificing....sleep- time away from my bed each morning at 550am to endure what people in my camp refer to as FITNESS HELL , what am I gaining??- the strength, body, sound heart that I desire. I want to encourage each of you over this holiday weekend to simply remember that whatever you are experiencing is a temporary pain or sacrifice for a long term gain/benefit. When we make up in our minds to change or move in a different direction our hearts don't always follow right away or vice versa (TRUTH 101) so what happens in the midst of us adopting the change... everything you can possibly imagine begins to come your way...your will to push through gets knocked down with doubt, fear, distraction, insecurity and a lot of us tend to quit immediately..this makes ensuring your heart and mind are matched up from the beginning even more essential to your success. Boot-camp made me realize that if what I wanted and what I believed I could achieve did not see eye to eye from the beginning I would not finish! My goal in all things is to FINISH so I promised myself to keep PUSHING!

Over the next few days ask yourself what is stopping you from achieving your goals? what transformation is waiting on the other side of fear's door for you? Acknowledge it and PUSH through it. Set a PLAN and go for it! Let nothing or no one stop your GRIND. I surrendered my grind and now all things attached to it are working...What do you need to surrender in an effort to get this thing working?

I have a big dreams in my BIG heart that match my BIG mind and I plan to LIVE this BIG LIFE!

The old you and the new you cannot occupy the same space~ T.D Jakes

Which one will you choose?

It's all in the HEART of the MATTER? Where's yours?

Love y'all with my whole-heart!

Have a great 3- day weekend folks and be safe!

R. R. W

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