• R. Rene' Woodard

"Green Light”

THIS IS A TBB ( THROWBACK BLOG) but still holds same POWER in 2014 and guess what I have Made MAJOR MOVES SINCE THEN! Have you? Written 4/17/2012 :)

Greetings Family and Friends-

Today is not your typical Tuesday!!! I just had to share a recent revelation or confirmation if you will. The past few days as I have battled some not so hot health issues and pain throughout my body I have really been thinking more about life, my purpose, career, relationships and other gifts I possess. Through this many things about myself have been revealed. What to do, what not to do, who to go with, who not to- you know the usual back and forth you do with self every so often. I know you all have also encountered these “Aha” or “light-bulb” moments when you reach an understanding of a specific thing, task, or direction.

As I drove in traffic this morning I came to a red-light and I did as the law states and “stopped” but when the light turned “green” I did not move right away. I was slightly distracted as I dazed and watched others move….and it just now hit me!!!! How many times have we been given the “GREEN LIGHT” on a situation and not MOVED……Why did you stay seated, why did’t you ask the question during that appropriate time because in theory it was your time to GO….. As you approach new seasons in life be mindful of the simplicity of the stop light. Red light- Warns you to stop because others are moving and it really is not ’t your turn yet. That yellow light represents your ability to go but proceed with caution AKA DON’T RUSH IT….and the “Green Light” means to GO,IT’s your Turn and Time and don’t delay because in order for those behind you to Move forward you have to Get out the way and MOVE ahead towards your perspective destination ( destiny) so that others will too be encouraged to do the same!!

This concept can and will bless you in so many ways and without getting to deep whatsoever I just want to encourage you all to do yourself the best favor ever and make the necessary MOVES to aid to your destined direction…Now don’t get it twisted to MOVE does not mean to always PHYSICALLY move….I want you to MOVE your thought closet from Negative to Positive, MOVE the temperature in your relationships (TURN IT UP, and make it the best you can), MOVE in your career ( WHAT motivates you to GO hard, more, do that and make it your career), and Lastly but definitely not least DON’T sit idle and hinder or force those behind you who are watching or whom look up to you, those you are helping when you don’t even notice to stay in the Red Light position when your light is Green because your too scared to move ahead!!

There are people waiting on you…..Those behind you and Those awaiting your arrival because they know you are scheduled to be on your way!!! J The light is GREEN and you have all the ACCESS you need ( Thanks Pastor J) and I’m going ahead!! Are you???

Jeremiah 29:11- “ For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a HOPE and a FUTURE “

Luv Y’all

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