Stay-Home remedy ...

Good People!!! Here we are another Monday in the books and the 18th of May at that! How ya feeling?? Surviving or Thriving? The stay at home orders have been extended here in the DMV so we are chilling until at least June …well for me July or August I’m definitely going to let the masses go out and play and govern my tribe accordingly before we take on the city again. I must admit it has been cool getting things done at the house but watching the days pass by expeditiously definitely gets old periodically. I connected with my god-brother the other night verbally, not on IG, not on Facebook, not text but via phone. We laughed and reminisced for almost 2 hours before we realized how long we h

I'm full....

Happy Monday People!! 😊 Coming off this amazing yet abnormal Mother’s Day weekend …. I have to say I have been an emotional wreck . …I have cried more the past week than I have all year and I know we are only 5 months in but to keep it real it’s felt like much longer. From the injustice of another young black man Ahmaud Aubrey who was simply on a neighborhood jog, to the untimely death of loved ones, front-liners , R & B and Hip-Hop music mogul Andre Harrell, Little Richard and then to top it off Betty Wright on Mother’s day…… What gives, right??? Have you found yourself asking GOD, what is really going on here? I know I have…. It’s crossed my mind more than once….as much as I trust him I

Clean it UP!

What’s up Peeps!! This weekend was full of reflection. I caught myself in a moment of unexpected somber thinking of all the plans I had on my schedule for the week that were canceled or postponed. Many of you may have likely seen my post about all the alarms and reminders that were going off in my phone regarding packing and preparing for events. Friday, I realized that #RONA had snatched up my plans and I couldn’t do anything about it …besides UPDATE my calendar. So, I encourage you all to do the same, update your calendars accordingly so you too don’t have to experience Beach reminders on Couch Arrest. Nonetheless, I have been reflecting during my moments of Spring Cleaning and I realized

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