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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Good People!!!

Here we are another Monday in the books and the 18th of May at that! How ya feeling?? Surviving or Thriving?

The stay at home orders have been extended here in the DMV so we are chilling until at least June …well for me July or August I’m definitely going to let the masses go out and play and govern my tribe accordingly before we take on the city again. I must admit it has been cool getting things done at the house but watching the days pass by expeditiously definitely gets old periodically.

I connected with my god-brother the other night verbally, not on IG, not on Facebook, not text but via phone. We laughed and reminisced for almost 2 hours before we realized how long we had been on the line. This moment felt amazing, it was good to hear from him. He said, “ I just needed to check on my sis”…..In that moment I thought of the many times other people have crossed my mind in days prior when I was busy, traveling and conference/event hopping’ I would leave it at a thought. Nowadays, we don’t have that luxury to simply leave people at a thought. If you are like me , you now carry more of urgency to connect with long-distance relatives and friends you have not heard from in quite some time. The entire world is experiencing loss and you would hate for that loss to rob you of your chance at a hello, I love you , how are you , thinking of you , thank you or you’re welcome. Would you agree? Or are you one of those that is completely tapped out of connection energy due to work zooms, birthday zooms and house parties?? You can be honest; we all have felt a little of the zoom fatigue and Live fatigue over the past 10 weeks….and rightfully so, myself included. The call from my brother was just what I needed to keep me in the game…and I want to keep you in the game too!

Do not take the power of a quick phone call or check-in for granted. Do not retreat…. Do not disconnect from your loved ones …This season calls for us to remain connected… People need you just as much as you need them, believe me!! I know, you are good, you have tons on your plate and leisurely conversation with others will not help in your eyes …. But if you and I can have an honest moment…. just you and me … sitting at war with your own thoughts, pondering on what was, what could have been or should have been and trying to fix something you can’t control won’t help either. So, I offer you a simple solution …. Connection…

A little connection point of joy and laughter go a long way. A good friend of mine is finishing a series entitled finding the cure , not the cure for COVID but the cure for our worry, discouragement , fear , doubt, etc. At the beginning of the series, I was like this is good, but this does not apply to me. I’m good so I thought , but I realized as I shared a few weeks ago we all carry some of these pseudo diseases subconsciously and if you are not careful and you attempt to go through these moments solo, disconnected from loved ones your healing will take much longer… These temporary emotions and feelings that try to take residence in your mind often lead to self- destruction by keeping you silent. I am writing this week to encourage you to get a head of it, stay in the game and every time you feel like pulling away from people, pull yourself closer …. on purpose… especially during a time where human interaction is limited and many of your daily outlets to maintain good mental and physical health has been placed on pause. Call the funny friend, Schedule a tele-health visit with a therapists, Talk to that family member you use to be close to, call that old friend I’m sure he/she would love to hear from you too. The time is now. Let’s do some soul work this week … Get connected!

Love you all with my whole heart,

R. Rene’ -

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