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Hit Different, 2021!

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Soo Glad, I made it …. I made it through, I didn’t loose, Experienced Loss at a major cost, Soo Glad I made it!


It's 2021!!

Happy New Year and Greetings Good People!!

Did you have a good holiday break? I sure did, I learned how to really do nothing, and I must admit it felt wonderful! No alarm clock, no heavy meeting schedules and days on days of virtual check-ins and speaking engagements it really was good to take a load off …. But like all things, it came to what looked like an abrupt end today! Here came January 4th trying to snatch my joy and a bit of my edges with a 10-day Training that starts at 8am daily. How SWAY? As much as I want to be where the money resides in 2021 …. This is not how I envisioned my first day back in the field (virtually). I’m sure many of you share these same sentiments as you leaned back into the post-holiday work schedule too. I kept thinking to myself, I’m here …but now what?!

So, since we are here, here’s to the TOP of the year, here’s to surviving 2020, here’s to being unapologetically dope, for feeling the feels and for being optimistic towards the future and blank canvas of the year 2021.

In years prior, I would dive into goal setting and vision casting immediately. I would push you one by one to hit the ground running and knock down all of your Q1 short term goals and aspirations at a rapid but comfortable pace, I would run down a list of how to stay on track and give you some of the greatest tips of your life for your resolutions……but not this time! This time is different, this year will be different, this first Monday of January is different, and you should approach it all different as well.

See some people will miss the hidden blessings that come with the new year all because they fail to approach it as new. They feel as if 2021 has something to prove to them because 2020 did them so dirty. Almost, like a bad relationship filled with Trauma, Toxic behaviors, Unhealthy outcomes and more! You go in with the assumption that because everything before it looked one way that anything that happens after it is questionable…….

I understand where that comes from , I’ve been in a bad relationship before and in a lot of ways I can see why 2020 feels like one. But why must something new be penalized or held accountable for the harm, hurt, pain and depression it did not cause. Sticking with the relationship analogy how many times have you messed up with a new woman/man all because you took a habit or concern from your previous relationship into the new one? If you can relate to any of that in any way …. then you get where I am headed … 2020 does not determine the scope of 2021 for you. 2021 is new and I charge you this week to simply treat it as such! I know you have things from 2020 that will spill over, we all do but as spaces and opportunities in unchartered territory are presented to you, my prayer is that you give it all of you! You give it the whole you, unjaded, unbiased, transparent yet open version of yourself as possible. That you lean into what the scripture says regarding former things being behind us because the NEWNESS of this year truly starts with your attitude towards the relationship you establish with it!

I am convinced that WE (you +me) have far more power than we even have the capacity to digest. That the world is truly yours if you check your attitudes, drink your water, mind your business and be Yourself!!

2020 taught us a lot …All the experiences rather good or bad were designed to make us stronger, wiser and smarter and left us fully prepared to enter 2021. Don’t bring your brokenness here, don’t bring your depression here, don’t bring your disappointment here … Don’t bring your complaints and defeat here …. Don’t bring your comparison here …Don’t bring it here!!! Bring the person who is excited about life and ready to Fight Forward even if she/he doesn’t know where to start! Even if remnants of your past are lingering, you don’t have to change the person every year, you just must change the mindset of the person. So rather than push a new year, new me …. I’m on the wave NEW Year, SAME ME, SAME GOD!!

This year will not look like anything WE have ever seen before ….so I am preparing myself like I never have before ……Will you?

In the past I spent days on the planning …now I put my focus on remaining PREPARED for whatever. That’s what will set you apart from the rest!

You know the vibe stay ready ….

Be good to yourself,

R. Rene’






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