• R. Rene' Woodard

Change Me....not them!

Happy Monday good people!

I pray this entry finds you all at the cusp of amazing, the cusp of happy and understood and even if you are not quite there yet being at the cusp means you are real close to it!!

In my quiet time this morning, I found myself doing some real self-reflection and as I was concluding this moment of stillness the remake of the old Tremaine Hawkins " Change Me" by Tamela Mann came was followed by " Fix Me" by Tim Bowman Jr.... and I said Oh, Alexa got jokes this morning :) ... The light bulb went off quickly and I started to remember some of the things I petitioned GOD for over the past year and even yesterday and I had to laugh because how many times do you, we find ourselves praying that GOD would change your co-worker, significant other, parents and friends. We call it standing in the GAP for them when they are not acting what we would deem as good or when we aren't communicating as effectively as we should be eta and turmoil is present, or they have lost their way etc..... We tend to scream things like FIX IT Jesus or lord FIX them Jesus! I know I do; I was literally saying this very thing on Friday during my day job. I immediately went into prayer that GOD would change the attitude or demeanor of the passive aggressive Karen and her clear dedication to microaggressions without once praying about my own approach or response. I can imagine GOD laughing like I won't be doing a thing with them at this moment, but I will fix you. LOL :)

This is where I found my personal peace today. Don't worry about fixing them and simply fix YOU! One of my friends shared a story once where his grandmother was always giving his grandfather a very hard time about little things and one day, she created a big fuss about the ice tray being empty. She created such a fuss that she did not want to talk to her husband nor ride in the car with him that day, so much so that she would make someone else come get her even though her husband was going to the same place. As a result, the grandfather drove separately. On the ride, my friend asked his grandfather " How do you put up with this" His grandfather simply replied " I use to pray that God would Change her until I realized I need GOD to change me" so that I can be in better relationship with her in moments like this.

(That thing blessed me immensely!)

I want to encourage someone today who is fighting for Change in some capacity and challenge you to pray for your own CHANGE and watch your views about the thing you wish would change, CHANGE!! I know you are probably saying, it's not that easy but I promise it is. When you change the way, you think about a thing or your focus.... things really do begin to shift! The more you focus on what you don't want the more of it you will see, the more you focus on what you do the more you will see what is possible for YOU. (Or the situation, person, place, or thing :)) It's the law of attraction!

Repeat after me .... The Change I want to see starts with ME!

Say this every day this week, add it to your quiet time and/or meditation and prepare the Changed Mind that will surely follow!

That's it. That's the post. That's the mindset we are starting this week with. You can only control what you can control, don't waste time on things you cannot!

Have a great week!