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90 Days....

October came in like a rushing wind. The months of 2021 have chased us down completely and now we are here Q4 with the home stretch and the end of one of the 2nd wildest years we have experienced globally is nearing its end. In the past, I would rush to the finish line with all my cards on the table trying to force fit an event, a product or experience into the year before it ends. I like many other people would be screaming FINISH strong to the top of my lungs on your back often like you grinding, you getting it done without even thinking twice about anything else on your plate. It’s as if finishing strong has taken a definition in the world that sounds a lot like do it sick, do it sore, …. Grind until it hurts, do whatever it takes, compromise excellence and more importantly loose yourself in the work while everything else in your life suffers. For what?? To check a box, for others or for you? After some true reflection on my own personal journey and countless conversations with close friends and family I thought it would be cool to simply debunk a few myths around “Finish Strong” … and share how I have reframed my thinking as we knock out this last quarter full of joy, well-rested and with fruitful productivity.

Myth: Do everything on your new year’s resolution list before the end of the year or else.

My response: Finish what you can on your list that’s within your control. -If you even have a list (Y’all still writing resolutions? I had no clue) The reality is just like AT & T rollover minutes whatever you don’t finish on Dec 31, 2021, 11:59:59 and you are still alive to see the day after than sis …bro…. you still have time to get it done when time, bandwidth and resources allow. Celebrate the fact that you still have GOALS to accomplish, you are further ahead than you think!

Myth: Team no sleep the last 90 days of year

My Response: No sleep at a certain age (MY AGE and most of y’all included) is no longer an option. You can still win by Effectively working a 90-day plan that includes SLEEP! Alexa, play “I can’t by Brian McKnight because some people reading are still going to not eat or sleep to get it in, if that’s the route you are choosing to finish strong, be safe please but just know that is not a life requirement to reaching your milestone.

Myth: If I do it all before end of the year, then the year was a success!

My response: How do you define your success? Because if you make it to the end of the year, the year would still be a success. I think we forget that sometimes life simply happens and success or the lack thereof is not dependent upon on what happens but more directly connected to your choices and what YOU define as successful on the inside. I may not have finished everything I wanted on my to do list for the month of September but the fact that I made it through without cussing or quitting makes it a success. (Well, I cussed a little) Redefine success for YOU, don’t let anyone else define it for you and don’t you define my comparing yourself to someone else. What have you overcome this year? This week? That alone makes you successful not a title, position, recognition can measure up to what you have LIVED through this far!

These are literally 3 real-life examples from people and ongoing myths on what it means to FINISH STRONG. I have said it once I’ll say it again Grind OUT but Don’t burn out, there is no award for the one who grinded the hardest and the most. What is for you no matter the pace, the timeline, the level or intensity of your grind will be if the lord said SO. Now don’t get it twisted I am not saying drop everything and chill but what I am saying is don’t kill yourself, your team or those around you in the process to prove a point to people who are not even paying attention in the first place. Yes, you have a responsibility to do the work and see the results but work smarter NOT harder. That’s the lesson as we close out Q4!

99.9% of the pressure you place on yourself has 0 to do with what the people think of you and 100% of what you think of you! Reframe these next 90 days in a way that will set you up for long-term success! Be realistic about what you can do and Finish that STRONG. Don’t beat yourself up one bit if your current does not mirror what you thought it would as we journey through this last leg instead keep your head up, be proud of where you are TODAY and be hopeful for where you CAN and WILL be tomorrow!! Finish rested, Finish happy, Finish whole!

Upward and Onward we GO!

I can’t wait to see all of you conquer in a different way the next few weeks!

I love you all with my whole heart!






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