• R. Rene' Woodard

You need some help.....

Listen, I don't care who you are, what you are or what you do ...YOU need somebody.

The idea that you must go along the journey solo, figuring it all out on your own is false. Rather it’s in your personal life, business or career you need somebody.

I recall the days of thinking I could do it all on my own. I was young and had so much to learn but at times nobody could tell me anything about what I was doing because they were not doing it. That was my internal stance with many things until I had to eventually ask for help. I did not understand back then that some of those persons were coming to me with different approaches and insight based on personal experience or the personal experiences of others around them that could have potentially saved me many days of hurt, harm, heartache, loss, time and money. I laugh often even now finding myself moving about the cabin of life using the same terms and thought process feeling the same vibes of my grandmother , great-grandmother and mother who gave me much advice over the years that I now have a deeper appreciation for. See I never knew I needed their No’s, the slow-down you are moving too fast, make sure you read the fine print instruction until now. And Like me as a young adult, there are many of adults like you who need some additional direction from time to time and there are people out there for you.

You need a mentor …

You need a coach….

You need a therapist…

You need a sponsor ……

You need an advisor……

And while you may not need them all at once YOU NEED SOMEBODY. I have this thing I say often “I don’t want to be the smartest in the room”. I say this with love not because I don’t believe in my abilities but because I know there is always room for growth and that I tend to enjoy learning new things that can benefit me, my growth and my future both personally and professionally. I am where I am because of a Mentor. I continue to push and pivot with grace because of my advisor and the sponsor who reminds me often that my name will make room for me if I remain teachable. I had no clue what a sponsor was until a Tennessee Business Owner that I respect by name of Anvil Nelson Sr. pulled me to the side and told me to begin asking my leaders at the organizations I was working for in my mid-twenties to be my sponsor. See sponsors will represent you even when you are not present. They go to bat for you when you don’t have the words and even when you are not aware. It has been a game changer in my life ever since and I believe everybody needs at least one.

I wrote about know it all’s a while ago and I tell you guys it burns my grits when people think they have no room to learn from anybody else. There is a mindset shift that needs to take place this week as each of you aim to finish this year strong!! Some people went through so that you could have the current access you have to get TO your next level in every area of life. The hard truth is you will never get there if you don’t bite the bullet and solicit some help. I know people have let you down in the past and you have trust issues and don’t want anybody else to steal your ideas and concepts. Can we be honest for a few seconds? You probably don’t trust yourself and that is the reason you can’t trust anybody else ….( another day , another blog but the shoe still fits) , The idea of my concept is a secret …news flash , protect the idea and concept and proceed knowing that just like GOD blessed you with creative genius and ideas he did the same for someone else and it may be similar….., Nobody will steal your idea. …. again, another blog on another day. … and if you want to challenge me go down the bread isle…. he did not stop telling folks to make bread after wonder bread was rolled out.

You are losing sleep; you have researched Google until your hands hurt but you aren’t willing to enlist an expert that can likely help you work smarter not harder. Understand that GOD created people to help you execute your vision , you just have to get into a posture that allows you to unlearn the negative thoughts you have about people while you are building . Alexa, play Jonathan McReynolds “People” …I get it, I use to be just like that ... If I don’t do it, it won’t be done right until I realized there are some people who are better than me at some things and for that I pay for convenience. I did not want to share an idea or thought because it was sacred. I keep some stuff to myself today, but it is more for the shock and Awe not for the sake of someone copying or duplicating my vision …that’s what copyrights and trademarks are for. Plus, one can copy but it will never have the same power if isn’t from the originator.

So I challenge you this week to get somebody , phone a friend ,pair up with a expert in what you are looking to do and watch what you have been given flourish like never before.

You are not in this alone, I say it often because many have created a luxury out of the struggle stories and want the large applause that those who went at it alone received …

What if I told you going at it alone when GOD has assigned someone to you and you denying it is a form of disobedience….

I’ll stop here….

You know what to do and whomever this was for, holla at me …. I would love to hear your strong story!

Love you all,

R. Rene’