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Which one are you?

Visionary? Dreamer? Innovator?

Visionary -Someone who tells you what is going to happen in the future and then spends time plotting an exact course to get there.

Dreamer-Someone who has a lot of great ideas, but never really follows through on them and believes that an idea itself is proprietary.

Innovator- A person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products.

Which one are you?

That’s the question at hand today? Do you resonate with one more than the other? Are you a combination of all three and feel as if you are stuck in the matrix because you possess characteristics that resemble a little of them all? I pose this question today because we are at this half-way mark of year 2021 and some are chasing their tails like a playful dog in a field trying to figure out what is it that they see…. Silently, chanting If I can only catch it, it will make sense. As I am personally shifting to a place in both my professional and personal career where I really have this desire to get to the real and the root cause of my desires, actions, decisions etc. A part of the process was to place name to these thoughts and these creative outbursts that continue overtake me in my daily encounters. I figured out that I am a Dreamer that sets vision in motion through innovative activities. While that may be a mouthful for some, this is me telling someone reading today that it is OK to be ALL 3.

The thing that will set you apart is what you do with your dreams, visions, and innovations. Many people get stuck because they believe they can’t be all the above yet just like any other multiple-choice exam this has and will always be an option. Over the past few weeks as I celebrated my birthday many friends described me as being “Multi-faceted”. While Multi-faceted means having many aspects or sides…. I go deeper and look at the fact that diamonds are known to be cut in a multi-faceted way because this increases the ability to reflect LIGHT and I feel the same way about Dreamers, Visionaries, and Innovators. Rather you are 1 or all 3 you have such a Multifaceted gift that no matter what you name it your light will still reflect onto others. I want to encourage you this week to simply put a name to what and who you are and step into it COMPLETELY.

You were created for such a time as this to do something BIGGER than even the amazing things you have done this far. It should also bring you peace to know that Diamonds with their multi-faceted ability had to go through pressure to be formed …… So even if this season feels tough, like your back is against the wall you my friend, my Sista, my brother this is exactly where the magic begins. Everyday won’t be easy but understanding who you are in this season will make a world a difference and I tell you this …I will gladly accept my seat amongst all of you dope dreamers, visionaries, and innovators because I know that the image by which you are being formed will be the light needed to keep pushing through out this week, month, quarter, and the remainder of the year!

Speak well of your gift …. even if you don’t understand it.

Know yourself …




Who ARE you?

Love you with my whole heart!


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