• R. Rene' Woodard

Tis the Season!


Joy, Joy God's great Joy ....

Joy, Joy Down in My soul....



Greetings Good People!!

I hope this message finds you well. This song rang in my spirit this morning as I sat during my quiet time preparing for my day. I looked up and saw this ornament on my Christmas Tree and it all made sense. The fact that I overslept no longer mattered, so what it's cold outside, so what I only finished 75% of my Sunday projects! None of that can interfere with my JOY and right in front of me was my reminder not to let it and neither should you if your morning did not start off as planned. If 2020 has taught me anything it is that " Nothing even matters, AT ALL " in my Lauryn Hill voice lol. As you can see, I am in a singing mood this morning LOL. What song do you have in your heart today? Do you have a song that resets your mood? If so, play it, if not find one and shake up the norm by not allowing things to throw your entire day off.

Ok, so now that I got that off my chest let's get to why I'm here this morning. I want to encourage each of you to do a quick reflection and reminder of your wins for 2020. I know you are thinking what wins? How can she talk about wins when we are in a year that poured out so much loss? I've seen the memes on social media too, I know for some (you included) you canceled 2020 and, in some ways, it probably canceled you too. What if I told you being healthy, alive, reading this blog and sharing space with your family and friends in quarantine in a warm home on this cold Monday was a win? Did you eat today or yesterday? Win. Did you go shopping on cyber Monday? Black Friday? WIN! You have been winning all year, your survival of all that you lost was a WIN so TIS the season to CELEBRATE your WINS. Tis the season to stop acting as if the job you have, the people GOD has assigned to your life, the place you live, the job, the shoes and clothes you have are not good enough. I shared a few weeks ago that my gratitude levels are on like 1000 right now because of the craziness around our nation and the fact that both myself and the people I love near and far remain protected but it burns me up to see so many people on this chase for more but they have yet to celebrate what they have and how far they have come. On Thanksgiving morning , I sat in favorite spot in the window and reflected for a moment , tears began to roll down my face... not because I was sad but because I looked around my home , I thought about the ups and downs of the year and the good memories of Thanksgiving church services I attended as a child and some adult years with my grandmother all those years and just all of the little things that have been unique about my life journey. For the first time, I gave myself permission to celebrate accomplishments and spend a moment being proud of myself. I'll let you in on a little secret, I don't celebrate myself like I celebrate others and I am sure many of you can say the same. Well this fine Monday TIS the SEASON to CELEBRATE how far you have made it!!

Tis the season to recognize that all WINS aren't loud the same way all GIFTS aren't loud as I shared on Insta-stories last week. ..... ALL WINS don't have 4000 likes and a social media post with a cool caption. Some WINS are just personal and not everyone will understand why you are celebrating this week so when they look at you strange simply say, Tis The Season!!! Live in your joy, be proud, you are surviving a pandemic, you are smiling and laughing when you could be crying, everything is not perfect, the holidays are not the same, yet Tis the Season!

I'll stop there!

Be good to yourself today!

R- xoxo

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