• R. Rene' Woodard

This one is personal, It's bigger than you can see ....

Picture reference: 11/12/21

Sometimes you really don't know it until later.

Covid Shutdown saved my life in many ways.

For the past I'll say 15 years of my career I've been in the air, on a plane Monday and on a plane Thursday....home for 48 hours and back at it again. It's the life I know, it's the thing that pays the bills, increases my mental and social capacity & exposure globally, it also fills my appetite for education giving me the ability to make an impact on a industry that I've studied for years. But at what cost?

As I scrolled the internet to hear of the passing of Virgil Abloh Culture Icon and designer at the tender age of 41 and all that he has done with his creative genius over the years what resonated beyond his impact was the resilience of him and his silent battle. He showed up and no one ever knew he was fighting to do so. As I reflected on my own journey, I found myself filled with varying emotions because people never know what it takes to do the work, to be the best, to use your gift to run the course, to simply live. I fight myself daily too, because sometimes I just don't have it in me, and nobody knows that besides my core four.

Many know I've struggled with migraines since I was 13 years old. At the age of 21 those migraines turned into something a bit more severe Pseudo Tumor Cerebri (PCT) when I lost my peripheral vision while sitting in a college lecture hall, this is where the body produces more fluid than it needs, things like weight, food intake, allergies and more can contribute to a crazy episode out of nowhere. It's rare, it creates the presence of a tumor that is not there (pseudo), but the body thinks it's there a result the symptoms of a person with a brain tumor persists. The fluid causes pressure in my head & eyes and at times my body will even present puffy. For the past 20 years I've walked a fine line between needing medication, doing my part to control it, and being healed altogether. I found myself back in CT scan machines, lots of blood work and MRI's the past few weeks but I couldn't help but chuckle today as I prepare for my neurology appointment .... I laughed and said God, I thank you. I had to chuckle because again it's been 11 years since my last spinal tap and several since my last serious flare up... I am blessed....and who knew sitting me down was in some way saving me.

In 2018, my doctor told me you won't be able to fly as much in future or you will never feel better .... few more years max. (But my Job requires it.... look what happened)

The 2nd half of 2018 my job gives me a client I can get to via train!

2019- I get a drive client in my local area and get to live in my new home for the 1st time in months (IYKYK)

2020- Covid happened and reduced my travel time by 80%

2021- Covid still in tow, remote work, day trips, quick client visits here and there but no more 100% travel weekly. (Insert a temporary praise dance)

Why am I saying this? Because though Covid shutdown had its cons it saved our lives too! We don't always see what's happening when it's happening but when you step back and look, I promise you will see how the last 22 months have changed your life! Marriages were restored, Children got to know their parents more, routines and regimens were broken and established, and lord knows we were forced to surrender in unimaginable ways! I was able to rest my brain (literally) reducing any added pressure for over a year.

There is something happening in your life right now that looks like a distraction or disruption.... It’s NOT either! It's literally going to be the thing that Changes your life and saves you from yourself and the things you couldn't say NO to in the past. It's going to release you from a cycle of busy and heighten your sensitivity to both your needs and wants and the needs of others around you. Tis the season that revealed YOU to you! Don't mess it up trying to lean back into the old. I started back traveling safely in May 2021 and haven't stopped since, but I've been very strategic and healthy along the way because of the break......this minor bump in the road that started over a month ago is merely a reminder to NOT forget what I learned during the reset months. To

acknowledge how the global pandemic encouraged good change and that despite the losses we continue to gain something BIG even when it doesn't always feel good!

Private people are pushing through personal battles you have no clue about. Be Kind, be authentic and I hope no one person has to guess your Love and concern for them. Live your life! It's filled with swift transitions, Release the grudges, extend the grace today, this week and always!

I pray this is helpful today!

Love you all!

PS. T-minus 2 days til a December 2021. A December to Remember govern yourselves accordingly! 😊