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  • R. Rene' Woodard

Stop leaving out the GOOD part….

What if I told you most of your doubt and fear comes directly from the words that come from your mouth? Those same words join in holy matrimony with your limiting belief system and now you call it Normal. Can we unlearn that together today in this very moment? Are you ready to change how your story plays out by changing how you tell your story? If your answer is YES, then I am challenging you to STOP LEAVING out the GOOD PARTS….

You ever notice when people are sharing some good tea they always jump right into the bad parts and at the close they save a little room for the good parts? It’s time we start telling our own tea but telling the WHOLE story! The whole story (tea) includes the agave, sugar, honey, or any intricate detail that made it sweet before it got bitter, broken or bruised. Understanding that despite the new year energy life will happen and challenges are inevitable we must change the way we talk to us about us in our present day.

In full transparency, unlike years prior I came back from my sabbatical…. The same. Not fully rested (blame insomnia), creativity slowly creeping back in, and baby let’s not even get on how the winter months have been beating up on my skin. I have not felt the prettiest a at all and y’all know I am aging like FINE wine, so this was shocking even for me. I mean legit out here downplaying my light personally and professionally. I found myself in the mirror for a moment saying all the wrong things. I thought about months prior, moments and things that may or may not have contributed to this negative talk, every other word was about things that I could not change and that I could have done to not talk this way in the present. Suddenly, the spirit of “CHECK YO SELF” came upon me and I was reminded that while you are saying all this negative stuff you are leaving out the GOOD PARTS. Like sis, you had some lows but baby when you were on and it was HIGH, IT WAS HIGH, I mean snoop dawg level high (just laugh). I could not help but laugh through and give myself grace and repent for the negative self-talk because I knew all that it would do was make matters worse if I did not stop soon…….

I don’t know who started this year off with remnants of 2022 lows on their back….

I am not sure who is struggling with negative self-talk and a faulty belief system…….

But whomever you are I want to give you a very familiar word of advice ….

If you don’t have anything GOOD to say, don’t you say nothing at ALL!!!!

That goes for the words you say to yourself or anyone else….

The way you talk to yourself matters and if you are going to free yourself and others alike you better give them as much of the GOOD parts of your story as you do the BAD!!! I know it’s trendy to share your ugly stuff and focus on the bad, but I dare you start to include how you overcame the ugly stuff too. There is power in storytelling when it’s the FULL picture and not just a glimpse! Some people get high off the glimpse because they know they could never survive the WHOLE PICTURE. If more people posted the full story, they may have less followers and friends …. but that’s a topic for another day ….

sips tea slow…. I am just the messenger 😊

Moral of story: Watch what you say to YOU, build yourself up by the power of your own testimony! It was bad but it was also GOOD to you and for you also …OWN THAT! 😊

Love y’all, Bye!

RR- xoxo

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