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Remembering Love ....

This time last week I was putting cute little bags together for me and some good girlfriends for a Galentines meet-up. Red and White bags, good chocolate and little surprise. As many of you know, I love a cute anything and any good reason to make my close friends feel special. We laughed insanely and stayed out much later than anyone anticipated but I must say it was worth it. Unplanned, each of us ended up in a black dress with a splash of red along the way, Assignment understood per usual! In true favorite movie fashion (pun intended) I personally gave a middle part, black dress with white collar, red lips for a clean dare not try this at home “ Nina Mosley” final poem of the night inspired look. It was perfect. The night was full of good joy, peace but most of all it was full of LOVE.

Keeping up with the theme I’d like to pen this week’s inspiration

“Remembering Love” ...

Love is patient, Love is Kind, Love is up, Love is down, Love is consistently consistent even when it’s inconsistent LOVE simply is…...even though we complicate it. See, I love LOVE, mainly because Love LOVES me. I tend to live the kind of life that spreads love daily to every person, place or thing. As a result of it when days like Valentine’s Day roll around, I don’t necessarily look for anything BIGGER or BETTER than the day before because again everyday is so full of the red hearts and the candy kind of LOVE for me.

Now don’t get it twisted I’ll take the flowers (because I already buy them every week and more won’t hurt), a gift sure if you must but presence is all that’s really needed to make my heart jump. Quality Time aka QT is my jam and for those that oblige it amidst my crazy schedule YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

As I sat to share this week, I couldn’t help but to go down memory lane. I laughed and stopped a few tears from falling as I traveled with my thoughts because the memories of love can make remembering LOVE feel like grief. That’s when it hit me, many people put LOVE in a box and reserve it for the intimate or romantic partners when LOVE is not limited to a box! Let me just say this because when it comes to any romantic love endings I’d like to believe because LOVE is so dominant that we never really stop loving people, we CHOOSE NOT to love them because that’s just how POWERFUL LOVE IS. It’s a choice and when it doesn’t feel good you can make the decision to do something different. (That’s free game for someone that needed a reminder or whose grieving because you feel like u can’t stop loving someone or something that is no longer present or choosing you …. You can love them and choose not to LOVE them in that way in this season, call me offline I’ll tell you how) Another topic for another day.

Now back to our regular scheduled program , IT IS SO much bugger than that.

The grief I felt with remembering love fell because I remembered my grandmother’s love, my auntie’s love, my uncle’s love and many of the people who LOVED me, and I once LOVED without conditions that I loss to death. The grief was attached to the moments and memories of LOVE I had and a few memories of some that I did not take advantage of , maximize or lean into like I should have in a particular life season…Oh but the joy of remembering LOVE came from thinking about the weekend I experienced surrounded by the love of friends, the love I felt when I received a card from my mom in the mail today just because , the love I feel each day that I get to wake up and love on someone else ….It’s all worth remembering and it’s all a privilege. SO, as you prepare to close out this week no matter how it started can you commit to finishing it with LOVE?

Like seriously, don’t get caught up on what someone did not do for you on one day when they have yet to go a day without LOVING YOU yet! Don’t fret because of what you see on social media and in the group chats wishing and praying for your Russell Wilson or Michael B Jordan when u have yet to appreciate the LOVE of your FRIENDS, PARENTS, GOD , INSERT YOUR NAME and more ….LOVE is in front of you and within you embrace that and think about it before you say “ I’ve never experienced love like that” dig in the crates and remember again! LOVE TODAY.

In my Nina Mosley Voice …..

I am remembering LOVE!

Alexa play “ You Love Me by Jill Scott”.....

Have a great day!

RR xoxo


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