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Reframe IT....

Happy Tuesday!! Coming off an amazing but cold MLK birthday and Day of service, I pray that each of you are sliding back into this short week with ease, focus and in good spirits. If not, hopefully this quick share with help you with that!

As I finished a meeting today, I thought to myself “That was DUMB”. I sat for a few minutes, returned a few text messages feeling the weird need to share this DUMB meeting …Yes, that’s what I called it and shared with two of my accountability partners. Shortly after sending the text messages, a follow-up message was sent with a positive statement about the meeting and about the day. As double-sided as the text may have been to others it was completely on-brand for me. I was encouraged to reframe my thoughts many years ago and I find it coming into play a lot more these days. Reframing is when you change the way you think about a thing by finding the good or at least something good tied to the event or moment. This friends is my, trick to ridding myself of stinking thinking! The reality is any coach, pastor, leader, friend even therapist will tell you we all have those days where we can’t seem to find anything nice to say. It’s all apart of life. Things will annoy you and from time to time you just may have a moment of irritation by the actions of others and that’s super normal. If you did not, I would probably call that abnormal. The Key to overcoming said moments is reframing. Not pretending or faking it as if all is well but simply finding the good in every moment even when it’s easier to talk about the bad and those things that went wrong. As I navigated the remainder of my workday, I realized that the reframing was working, each meeting addressing the topic once referred to as DUMB got better and eventually a a resolution seemed closer than I could see in the early part of the day. Reframing allowed me to approach each meeting with a clear head and to keep the bright side at the forefront. It also changed the way I saw others, be it good or bad a negative thought can change your life and those around you if one is not careful. Reframing gives you the control and ease needed to successfully get over rough spots on and off the job.

As you lean into the remainder of the week, I encourage you to simply reframe the negative thoughts that flood your mind and your mouth. Combat these moments by asking yourself, what good thing can I say about this?? and quite frankly if you can’t seem to find anything good to say… I urge you to take a page out of grandma’s book and say nothing at ALL. There is no need in imposing your negative thoughts on someone else’s good day!

Reframe it so that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s there, just look again.

Have an amazing week!

R. Rene'

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