• R. Rene' Woodard

Put us together, How they gon' stop both us? ( Relationships Matter)

What's up good people!!

You know the vibes, new week , new goals , new blog , SAME GOD!

I pray that each of you are well and in good health as we start this week's journey. One thing I have learned and you have probably gathered through many of my blogs lately is I no longer bite off more than I can chew. Being the queen of all things ,I finally understand that I can't be everything to everybody nor am I supposed to. My prayer is that you get to a place where that can become apart of your story as well and hopefully this week's share will help with that.

I want to spend a few minutes on the power and freedom of being in good relationships and partnership. Not from just the lens of your one true love but from the lens of your working relationships, friendships and associations. People tend to spend more time on money making the world go round but I'd like to challenge that and submit the notion that relationships are the real wealth of the world. Relationships play a key role in everything you do. From your neighborhood gas station to your local grocery store, shops and restaurants you frequent and the company you work for relationships have been apart of the equation and always will be. For some even the introducing of your spouse and significant other is tied to a relationship you had or have outside of the marriage or courtship. There's just something powerful that takes place when one or two gather right? These connection points are key to your success and your survival but they should not ever become your idol or a thing that provides more harm than help.

I hear many stories from men and women across the globe on the adult challenges that come along with being in relationship or partnership personally and in business. It's always so disheartening to hear that something as simple as an individuals setting personal boundaries could do so much damage. Are we really that selfish? Would you really rather go at this life thing alone rather than respect the conditions of the relationship in various seasons? If You answered , YES keep reading , if you answered No, keep reading too so you can help the selfish folks you may currently have around YOU. Authentic relationships and partnerships require compromise and empathy. It won't always be about you or what you want and I Know that's often hard to hear. But, what if I told you it is still worth it and That you become even more unstoppable when you partner up with the right people who add intentional value to your life without making you feel bad about the way you live it. I don't know who needs this reminder today but the relationships you have matter. The people matter and they need you just like you need them . Don't let someone needing a moment to work life out cause you to delay the progress within your own journey because you lacked understanding. Act accordingly , You make the call , you ask the questions , you start the hard conversation to discuss what boundaries look like for them in this season and you RESPECT where they are. This is what grown folks do and it's important to exercise this type of maturity in all relational aspects. Whatever you were planning to do together can still happen, whatever you were building can still manifest and rather two or three, you can still be the dream team you desire to see. Hezekiah Walker had a song called I need you to survive the lyrics went something like......I need YOU , You need me , Were all apart of God's body ....... but the part I like said " WE need you to survive", " I won't harm you with words from my mouth.........Hear me clearly, Get your mouth off people and don't harm them with words just because they can't give you what you want right now, because they don't have the resources to see a project through, refer you to the job/assignment, loan you the money or simply because they did not answer when you called.... The power of words is real and I would hate to see you destroy something good because of something you said!

Remember these 3 simple relational rules:

  • Boundaries are necessary - Introducing people to your boundaries early on is key this will help people not be harmed by your abrupt change in mood or moves.

  • Always Ask, Don't Assume. - As a leader many assume you have support or help when in essence you don't. Check on those people you ASSUME don't need you and let people know you need them too! No guessing games in real partnership.

  • Real Relationships don't always require everyday or excessive communication. Don't base who will be there for you by who you talk to the most often. Some of my richest friendships are those that I talk to for 2-3hrs once per month and I only see a few times per year. These are the first ones to hop on a plane if I'm sick, hold my hand at a funeral or to sit in the audience when I'm being awarded.

I have so much more I could say and I was honestly going in another direction when I started writing today but I guess this version was needed more than the other. I'll leave you with this, relationships and partnership require more than 1 person to be successful and that other person is YOU. Don't forget to walk down your own lane or pass your own mirror when processing this message today . When have you been the selfish one? Lacked understanding or empathy? What partnerships and relationships in your life need some work? If your partnership or relationships were a credit score what would it be? Are you being a valuable asset to the ones you are in? are you allowing those that walk with you to challenge you ,build with you and add value? Chew on that!

Be grateful for the relationships you have and don't treat people like they are disposable for you never know when they will be needed to cross future life bridges!

Be good to yourself but most importantly be GOOD to others this week!

I'm a movement by myself but WE ARE a force when were together...



Love ya,

R.Rene' xoxo