• R. Rene' Woodard

Monday Motivation

I remember when I was 18 and shared “I want to go study at Oxford Medical School after this and I was met with “That’s too far”

I remember when my college boyfriend proposed at 23 years old, and I showed up with a ring and people said “I know that’s not what I think that is? Is that a promise ring? You are far too Young?

I remember when I was considering getting my PHD and folks in my friend group said, “that’s a lot of work, are you sure?”.

I remember when I sat out to obtain my Master’s in Nursing and I was met with “Why” from people close to me? You already earn more than the MSN would be worth.

I remember I said I was moving to Washington, DC and everyone responded “It’s expensive there and too much traffic.

I remember all the things that I was met with whenever I had a creative idea, thought, opportunity or sat out to pursue something that was too BIG for other people to comprehend. I remember it ALL, I remember how it made me feel in the moment and I remember the times I let it steer me away from my personal goals, wants and desires. I also remember the day I decided to stop allowing other folks opinions to hang out in the same space as my dreams. I stopped sharing and just start doing and that’s when things started to really take shape. See, as I have shared before many people cannot see past their own fear and level of capacity even when the dream or goal has nothing to do with them!

I’ve never been one to care what others say about what I am doing on the surface but after much reflection I realized I have second guessed a few life moves over the past 40 years because of something someone I love has dropped in my spirit or offered an opinion on.

Have you ever been there?

Sometimes it’s friends, parents, managers, pastors, and mentors. ( I said what I said)

I want to challenge each of you this week as you begin to unpack the NO’s, why’s, How’s and process the many changes and transitions that life brings your way to become OKAY with unlearning some of the naysayer habits, childhood learnings that you may even now be subconsciously subscribing to. Every one of your hearts desires is possible, every unique gift inside of you has a place and purpose. The trend these days is to manifest, build community and be seen but the reality is you must be sure that you are MANIFESTING YOUR PERSONAL desires and NOT what others want for YOU or what Looks good to the natural eye etc. Your story is NOT like others, you have been set apart and chosen for such a time as this. Link up with the people who believe that anything is possible, seek out your help, delegate those things you can’t handle and GO do EVERYTHING you desire to do. Don’t look for support in the same places that almost forced you to self-sabotage. Look UP and BEYOND, that’s Your help, That’s your support. You GOT this.

Be Encouraged,

R. Rene’

Ps. PhD me, I own that expensive house in DMV with all that traffic and soooo much more to come. When its real, you can't shake it until you do it! Go get yours!