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Life Notes... Revived!

Greetings Good People!!

Where do I begin…. Life has been full!

Full of celebrations, shifts, twist, turns and so much more. I am grateful this morning to be alive, well and in my right mind. As old and ancestral as that sounds it is so true. I did not understand it when my grandmother and great-grandmother said those types of things growing up but with time it becomes a staple in my vocabulary because I take no moment for granted whatsoever.

As I prepared to share today, I had something really good to send your way but the minute I began to write the narrative changed a bit and I have more than 1 thing I want you to chew on as you navigate this new week of opportunities. I’m really BIG on doing the work these days so as I continue to lean in my own FREEDOM, I want to FREE some folks along the way as well. May these next few thoughts help you tremendously!

1. Love yourself and then Love your neighbor as YOURSELF –Loving your neighbor as Yourself can be hard if you don’t know how to LOVE your own self. I found over the last few weeks that the many struggles that people have with other people comes from the ways by which they think of themselves. It takes work to live in this kind of harmony. Self-love is a driver in how others treat you and how you treat others. Love yourself a little extra this week so that the people you encounter can experience that same kind of love this week. The last thing I want is someone tryna love me when they treat themselves bad. Can you imagine? Don’t you be that person either!! We all have been guilty in one season or another. Hurt people Hurt people comes directly from biblical principles like this in action at the wrong time. “The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing” -CGJR

2. Everything is not for Everybody, that includes you. Many of you can probably relate to at least once in your life being somewhere you were NOT supposed to be . Not because you did not want to be there but because it just did not feel right for the season you were in. In moments like this , you feel out of place or alignment. If it’s a bar/club the music does not even move you, if it’s lunch, dinner or even a meeting the conversation seems inauthentic, and you find yourself ready to go quickly… This is a sign that it’s just not for you and it’s ok. I challenge you to evaluate both the spaces you walk in this week and the spaces you invite others in as well. Everyone does not need to be invited, establish an invite only mindset it’ll save you some time, money and energy. I don’t invite people that don’t like football to football games, consider that the next time you reach to invite someone to your life! Certain seasons call for people of interest not people you think are interested.

3. Watch your mouth--- Whew y’all, this one here got me together in my quiet time because we (YOU+ ME =WE) know we can say some things to ourselves and to others that we just should not say. From the negative self-talk to the inability to just HUSH or Keep some things to yourself can be detrimental to the success of the thing you so eagerly share. Everybody can’t handle your story, your journey, your process and they are NOT supposed to be able to handle said thing because it’s not theirs to handle.

Do yourself a solid and stay in your bag but keep your mouth closed. A lot of my journey is private on purpose and recently I found myself in a place of sharing a bit more, I started watching the responses to some of it …and immediately felt that invisible nudge from GOD like “AHT, AHT” they can’t handle that and for many of you, you have experienced said nudge and you are still talking. Be easy, I know it’s exciting, I know you want to share, I know in some cases it’s not even the exciting stuff it’s the stuff you need to vent about …what if I told you, they can’t handle that either? Years ago, I shared a blog that challenged you to remember the source in this case you have to also remember the source because the people that are not able to handle your truth and your story have the ability to give you advice and recommendations out of their trauma, triggers and insecurity! Watch your mouth in this season, what you say to YOU and what you say to others hold more weight than you think!

I’ll stop there because that may have been a little heavy for most, but I feel like it was all necessary on today. WE are FREE people and I want us all to start functioning in said FREEDOM. I’ll be sending out a bonus track this week so stay tuned. Life is happening and baby do I have some things to share.

May these reminders prove helpful on your journey and lend you the clarity you need to make amazing decisions this week and always! Guess what… “I’m baccccckkkk” 😊 #dothework







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