• R. Rene' Woodard

Just not feeling it ...

Greetings Peeps!!

I hope you are doing well on this beautiful Monday afternoon! The weather in the DMV is gorgeous today. My first mind on sunny days is normally to find the nearest rooftop, call some friends, ride some bike trails just to take in all the Vitamin D and enjoy the day …. Together….and then the “current” normal hit me…and a nice neighborhood run, or solo walk will have to do. Notice, I said “current” normal, I refuse to share sentiments with other writers and refer to this as the “new” normal because for me this is only for now. As I stated last week, we won’t be allowing this temporary storm to taint our outlook on the future of our sunny days. Feel me?

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s get to it!

Another week, another opportunity, more counting of days, minutes, hours and months but nonetheless a new month has arrived. It’s April 2020!!!! 3 months down, 1st quarter complete. I would ask you how you did on your 1st quarter goals, but I know for many LIFE has handed us all some lemons right at the tip of completion. So, I encourage you to treat last month’s goal list just like rollover minutes and roll those bad boys over to this month and simply get to them when you can and honestly when you feel up to it. Rolling them over reminds you that they still need to happen and that it is still important to complete .So, roll it over as many times as you need to, just don’t give up on the promises you made to yourself.

I can say this to you today because as beautiful as the day is, I woke up not feeling up to it! I stayed up late watching Ozark Season 3 on Netflix, talking to my west coast crew and walking around Club Quarantine After Dark with D-Nice per usual in hopes that the music would put me to sleep. By this time, it was 430am east coast time. Whenever this happens be it from watching a movie or the effects of my classic insomnia the day ahead gets a late start or a false start if you will. I woke up to a very long to -do -list, meetings, grocery pick-ups, blog and content schedules etc. I looked at the list several times… I handled the essentials and even after crossing a few things off, the list stared me in the face, and I became overwhelmed at the thought of doing all of it in 1 day. That’s when the roll-over effect dropped in my spirit and I said wait just like those leftover goals from quarter 1, whatever I don’t get done today …. if the lord sees fit …. tomorrow is an option for me. I believe we have misinterpreted this quarantine life the same way many people have misinterpreted this stay at home order (I said what I said, cause some people still don’t get it STAY HOME). Some of us are causing ourselves mental anguish trying to Build ROME in a day, forgetting that ROME was NOT built in a day!! You must be careful in this season; I cannot say this enough! I mentioned in one of the previous blogs don’t let social media rush you , don’t let your family rush you , Don’t let YOU rush YOU, don’t start comparisons and for the love of GOD don’t apologize for needing more time to get a thing done and get it done right! Yes, we have the time to be at home, yes we can do what we have been putting off but even that coupled with the current happenings of the world around us can cause some silent harm to the creatives , visionaries and thinkers. People talk so often about money making the world go around when PEOPLE make the world go around! Some people’s thoughts, ideas, creativity and business dreams are tied to the gifts of other people who are not allowed to do their job today because of RONA. Let that sink in for a minute. Now give yourself and others the GRACE and SPACE to do what they can with what they have in a time that is reasonable for their individual mental, physical and spiritual health.

(If you haven’t noticed. I’m tired of folks and all these Social Media Experts! Do you have a degree or certificate in Crisis Management? Mental Health? Business? Wait you’ve done research on the Impacts of Infectious disease pandemics? Then STOP telling people how to feel!! )

I can hear folks coming for me now , all we have is time, people lack discipline, you are giving them an excuse to be lazy blah blah …Listen up, People have different time management styles and are discipline in different areas based on importance. Not everybody works well under this type of pressure and fear. While I will continue to encourage people to stay active, mentally free and chasing their dreams I won’t tell folks how to feel or in what capacity they should live during this crisis. If people have both superb time management and discipline and the world is at a standstill, is discipline and time really the issue?? I can write the book, design the shirt, sale the sauce but what good is it if the economy is in shambles and my access and resource is limited because of a pandemic that individuals have no control over. If you are one of those persons who does not agree remember anybody can simply fill-up space during this time but only few can and will fill a NEED. (#weareNOTthesame) In the meantime, everybody do me a favor and Don’t put judgmental, combustible pressure or energy into an already uncertain situation by pushing people to be more like you. I’ll stop there!

This week for those who are not feeling up to it , or feel like they are just a bit over it….Use the roll-over model, take a break if needed and keep at those goals on the days you can and in the appropriate time you will complete them but most of all you will do so without harming the one who matters most .. YOU!

In the spirit of grace, love and winning at your own pace,

R. Rene’~

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