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It will never be the same....

Happy Wednesday!

Can I coin today NYAW---- That is NOT YOUR AVERAGE WEDNESDAY for those that did not get my quick play on #NYAWCW. 😊 It’s the day after International Women’s Day and I am personally still on a high from all the panels, shout-outs, ads, and corporate level conversations that took place. It was good to see the many faces of multi-cultural women sharing stories and lifting their voice to the Breaking the Bias theme. As I reflected on the moment many questions began to flood my mind. “Will the change stick”, “How will this visibility and challenges raised translate and impact those listening later. Will we truly break the bias? …. these were the types of questions that came to mind when the lights were turned off and everyone headed back to their own homes, cubicles, offices, and remote seats. I continued to process and realized no matter what was said in these spaces it will remain the same if we do not in some way, shape or form APPLY that for which we have heard.

As I traveled down yet another mental rabbit hole, it led me to think about life pre-COVID and post-Covid and what we learned about ourselves and others. Sermons and mastermind classes that I have attended, and all the knowledge and tools received at various points in life that I left with added information and a fresh perspective, yet my life remained the same because I did not apply it. Are you willing to be honest in this moment and say that you too have been guilty of hearing the words and doing nothing at one point or another in your life? If so, today’s words and challenge is for you. I want to challenge you this week to make a commitment to start APPLYING those things that you once heard that hit home for you, but you never executed. Take that knowledge and apply it today no matter where you are on your journey. It just like grade school, the teacher would conduct a lesson, we would practice by repeating it and confirming our understanding of what was taught and then we would go home and complete a homework assignment on our own. This homework assignment would prove that we listened, and we learned from what we were taught during the class. These same activities will then prepare us for a test or final exam. This same routine was used in grade school, high-school, college and unbelievably we are using it every day in the class of LIFE. Every day you learn something new that can contribute to a better you. Yet, you have NOT applied it yet. We hear it often that doing the same things expecting a different result is INSANITY. You must do something different to get something different and today I want you to do just that! Y’all know I am a church kid, so I love when the pastor says things like after a word like this YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. I love it so much because I Believe it. I believe that each of you have both been in rooms as well as heard and seen things that should have prompted Application and change in you and what you do. I know you have because I have ….and at one point I thought I missed an opportunity or the mark to apply what I learned. It was not until I remembered the lesson and revisited my notes that I realized that there was still time to apply all that I had learned in preparation for any test that would come my way and you my friends can do the same. I dare you this week to declare over your own life, it will NEVER be the same. Let what you have learned fuel your motivation for MORE and for different.

I do not know about you, but I am tired of talking about it ….

I do not want any more words that are not backed by actions and application....

I do not want to go to another class or mastermind, conference, or therapy session if I am not willing to APPLY what I hear to fix the problem or fill the gaps of life where applicable......

IT WILL NOT BE THE SAME if it is up to ME and you should NOT want it to be either. People are grieving over life pre-covid and missing life after covid because of it. Are you going to allow that kind of grief to steal the life and JOY you have left on this earth because it is not the same and you are trying to force it to resemble what made you comfortable in the past?

It is a new normal and this new normal will someday become the past as well. Break the cycle, get innovative and APPLY everything you learn (Pressure Included) so that you too can pass the test with excellence when old things come your way!

Have an amazing day and I pray this helps someone ....I just be writing on the go , blending lightbulbs and praying for impact :)

Be good to yourself!


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