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It's Your Turn!

It’s Your Turn!!

Greetings Good People!!

For the past few months, I’ve written a lot about Obedience, centering yourself and listening to the voice. I have shared the highs and lows of some of this life journey and it has been my hope that you all continue to be blessed by these thoughts weekly. While on this journey many have asked “what’s next”, hell I have even asked “what’s next “a time or two (Jesus knows my heart) … It was not until recently that I tapped back in and realized that “what’s next? “Is really up to me. So simple yet so powerful!

As the days pass by many people are awaiting a sign, a call, a word from GOD and a smoke signal before a move can be made, myself included. It’s a constant battle of lord show me a sign and I got this… I was freed after my morning prayer and devotional recently when I realized what happens after the prayer…. after the charge …. Is truly up to me and the same remains true for YOU!

It’s your Turn Now …. You prayed about it, released the parts that were beyond your control and now what is left in your hands is your responsibility. What will you do with it?

I remember praying for months and years from what it seems for other people to be blessed, to be stretched, connected and placed in their rightful positions. I never really prayed those prayers over my own life in the beginning. See I did not want to look selfish …praying for myself. I had to remain humble and selfless and oh I dare not pray for myself these things. It’s about the people, the community around me and one day I was prompted by an elder to ASK for what I wanted. So, then I started asking and I started seeing things happen in my life that were only possible through prayer. …but somewhere down the line it started to get a little tricky. I would pray and see and then I would not know what to do with what thus said the lord! So, I started to mask my inability to move post prayer with “Processing” ….

Oh, I know many of you reading spend a lot of time Processing …. Processing what you heard, processing what happened to you, what went right, what went wrong, how to navigate the next experience and more …. Processing is good when done correctly. The irony is when you are not careful the same thing that helps you can hurt you. Processing can turn into a paralyzing mechanism that forces you to do nothing if you are not mature or responsible enough to handle what you heard….….and just like that you lose your way when it comes to the responsibility GOD left in your hands.

If you are reading this today, processing a decision and waiting on a sign from on high …. This is it…. You understood what you heard. Resolve it and pick up the parts that GOD left in your control and go do the magical thing that only you do.

What’s funny is many of us not only have not because we ask not …. We have NOT because we “DO NOT” ….

We DO NOT use what has been given to us ….

We DO NOT ask for help when we need it ….

We DO NOT move when we are prompted to move ….

We DO NOT trust that we can have what we want ……

And WE DO NOT believe like we say we do verbally …

I would think that if we not only asked and responded accordingly to the output of those prayers and began to DO MORE and own our responsibility that we would actually feel better on this life journey. I know this entry won’t be for everyone but for those of you who needed this quick push today here it is…. Those burdens you surrender, anything GOD left you with, is yours to handle …. IT’s YOUR TURN. If you are asking yourself the same question in a different fashion like “When will it be my TURN” for a blessing …. “It’s YOURS NOW” but you must do your part to see it!!

I love you all with my whole heart! It’s your TURN NOW, Embrace it! Say it and mean it " It's MY TURN" .

In Light & Love, R. Rene’


Ps. I promise I’ll get back to business in September ….Keep me lifted and stay encouraged along the way!

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