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It needed to be said .....

It’s something about authentic, genuine relationships that I cherish more than anything.

The type of relationship that is not solely focused on what I do and when I do it but more in sync with who I am.

I recently did something GRAND. A business associate in the room said, “your family and friends must be proud” …. I said I did not tell them. She inquired as to why and I shared with her that the past few months have taught me my superpower of moving in silence and keeping a few things to myself is still necessary. I started to notice the friends that only stayed close when they knew I had something major or fabulous going on it began to turn me off so I did a case study and here’s what I learned: People love to have a story , People love to be connected or let me rephrase love to tell people they are connected to people doing what “they” consider big things. People also love to be in silent competition and none of that sounds peaceful to me. These people will celebrate you externally but internally their mind begins to race how can I outperform or top that or my favorite I can pull that off better …. and the list goes on! While I love a little fun competition here and there it is extremely unhealthy friends, family, and foes when you make the man or woman next to you your COMPETITION.

Newsflash ….

The ONLY COMPETITION YOU SHOULD HAVE IS WHO YOU WERE YESTERDAY AND WHO YOU SEE IN THE MIRROR TODAY!!! If the success and light of others motivates you that’s one thing but if you have been viewing it any other way your mindset needs to change immediately. (PS; If you are triggered, talk to your therapist don’t email or call me)

I don’t know who that was for but chew on it …stay there …. everything that they do isn’t meant for you!

Now on to the good stuff.

March came in without knocking and now we are staring the first day of spring in the FACE! I laugh to stop from crying because the way things are changing and moving so rapidly forever amazes me. Change is not always fun but we all can tell a story or two about how it always is worth it. For the person reading this today who may be sitting on the cusp of change, I challenge you to simply leap forward this time! I say this time because I am sure you can recall a time where change did not feel so good, and you did it reluctantly making the process a tad bit harder than it had to be. This time you must go at it differently and you have to do so without the kicking and screaming. You must do it trusting the process and remembering every single promise you told yourself about the life you desire to live. I am learning that Dreams don’t always play fair. You must see it before you can touch it and many times it feels like you are being teased or taunted with low hanging fruit that remains too hard to grab and you are hungry. I get it … it’s apart of the process and it is the one thing that is going to make the WIN you are looking to achieve more meaningful. I shared with a friend yesterday that survival of the fittest has ran its course but if survival is apart of my THRIVE season than I am all for it and you should be too! Survival alone not a good look but Survival on the journey to my DREAM …. ALL WORTH IT!

If you notice, I did not say Don’t cry because tears may be necessary. But don’t kick and scream.

Walk through …. Smell Good …Nod because what’s coming will give you something to SMILE about.

Celebration season continues…….

Celebrate changing the way you see CHANGES today …. that’s a victory within itself!

Love ya!


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Senika R
Senika R
Mar 15, 2023

I love this!! Dreams don't always play fair!! Let me go put that as my status.

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