• R. Rene' Woodard

Is it worth it?

Sometimes I have so many thoughts that I don’t know where to start….

That is the part of writer’s block that we don’t explore as much as we should. Sometimes the reason for not writing is not that one can’t formulate a sentence or does not have something to share. It really stems from the blockage in the mind where one is so full of thought that words would do it no justice. That is the best way to describe the past month and the weekly blogs but guess what I am still here and you all are still going to get these light bulb moments, this JESUS juice and my crazy on a regular basis so stay close!

As I was preparing for this week’s travel, I found myself looking in the mirror before my flight asking myself “Is it worth it” …. before I could answer, in a childlike manner I walked over to the guest room where my mom was sleeping and I said, “I don’t want to go” because she is so funny and practical, she goes “well we aren’t millionaires yet so you must GO.” Needless to say, we both headed to the airport she departed on her flight back to Michigan and I was off to yet another work trip. I have always enjoyed working, traveling being on the road but if I am honest the pandemic changed me a bit and subconsciously, I did not recognize how the change had affected me until this week. Now do not get it twisted I am still the carry-on bag, arrive at boarding time, will take a flight over feelings, and walk right on plane at last call GOAT I just need to keep doing it on my OWN terms. I find JOY in things that are a choice but baby once it becomes voluntold or required things get a bit blurry for me. I will follow the rules but when I get no choice and autonomy my movement does not feel good and that is the space, I was in. I had to GO and that’s when “Is it worth it” began to make more sense. To continue to do life on my own terms at the level I like to live “Is it worth it” must start taking priority as I navigate this leg of the journey. There’s a meme floating around the interwebs that says, “I’m at the age now where my moves gotta make money and make sense” and whomever wrote it is absolutely correct. Doing life on your own terms is going to force you get a little more curious about your spending, your decisions, your YES, and your NO. In the end the question was more about ME then it was my JOB, and I do not know about you but that little nudge from the BIG GOD got me together really quick. When I got on the plane, I began to take inventory of relationships, investments, expenses, my Q2 goals and went down the list “Is it WORTH IT” and I challenge you this week to do the same.

There’s an area of life that you want to live out loud on your own terms but savings may be a hinderance so you stay at your JOB until you get the money to retire early or do your own thing but you aren’t saving a dime and mentally drained at the end of each day from a company you don’t OWN…… There are others who GIVE, people -please and spend based on the NEEDS of others yet you still have need of your own, but you are at the mercy of who you serve…… I can continue. But I won’t because I know that many of you like me are overspending from your mental bank, your physical bank, your spiritual bank getting more and more responsibility without having enough autonomy, but you could if you start adding and subtracting in the right areas. For some of us it is setting better boundaries even at work, for others it is maintaining a serious level of discipline eliminating anything that distracts you from your purpose and goals for somebody else it is as simple as saying NO and choosing YOURSELF or your family along the way. For years I sacrificed to build and work and honestly as successful as I am I am NOWHERE near where I desire to be YET, I have yet to scratch the surface with how I want to nurture, sustain, and enjoy my family. All my moves are under audit and yours should be too……. So, I’ll ask you once more “IS IT WORTH IT” ……….

You know what “IT” represents and if what you desire has taken the backseat to the wrong things here’s a sign that a change needs to take place. Sit with your IT, be real with yourself, your capacity and those around you. Doing life on your own terms GOD’s way is going to cost you, but you can spend less and GAIN MORE. Bible says it this way, what does it profit a man to gain the world and lose its SOUL…. Some of y’all sitting on 2500 PTO hours because you do not think nobody else can do the JOB but YOU…. when they start laying off you will be the first to GO.

Work no longer takes priority over my family. GOD will continue to supply all MY (our) needs…

It hit me like a flood , YOU Can mentor young girls and adults globally but who are you not to mentor your own BLOODLINE. I have younger cousins, nieces, nephews, Godchildren, Parents, Aunts, Uncles, who need me too and so DO YOU. Do the assessment, make the necessary changes. GOD will bless your OBEDIENCE AND WHATEVER HE promised YOU will still come to pass. YOU AIN’T got nothing else to prove to anyone not even yourself! The money will come, the freedom will come DO your part!

I do not know who this was for, but I pray that your life changes because you read this here! Grind Smarter not harder!

Love you all with my whole-heart!

R. Rene’

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