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These words have become some of the trendiest and trending words of our current culture. From hashtags to slogans and descriptive words to describe yourself and likely the person sitting next to you this is a thing. But what does that really mean? Does this mean that what they have portrayed are the attributes that warrant said description or that you are easily just jumping on trend because it sounds good? While I am not here to argue or discredit the way any of us may use these words, I am just curious to what it really means to describe a person with such depth out of love and reverence but barely know a single thing about them because this word by which you have labeled them has only described a minuscule of moment or moments rather than the totality of who they are. See in many cases we can only see a subject, person, place, or thing as far as they will allow before we are all but shocked with a moment where what you said and who they are just don’t add up. I want you to chew on that for a bit as you read today’s entry and as you navigate the remainder of this week. I’m asking you to do this not to second guess the honest, not to question the already transparent but for YOU. To challenge yourself to dig a little deeper about the attributes and descriptive words you use even to express your own being at various times.

How many people have a hard time saying I am angry, I am sad, I am hurting …? Yet people would describe you as honest and transparent. Today’s entry comes from the weight of the last article I read before bed regarding Chelsie Kryst taking her own life at the tender age of 30. As I approached my personal altar during my quiet time this morning, I prayed for her family but more importantly for the other Chelsie’s out there. The ones who are struggling to find PEACE in this crazy world who continue to mask it with pretty pictures, accomplishments and doing more. Quite honestly, I am sick of it, and I hope you are to. I really wish we could start a chain reaction or trend of simply being exactly what we say we are without fear of judgement or shame. That we would start to live less for the attention and be more attentive to the ones we say we love and care about on a regular basis. That we would one day stop crying or expressing ourselves in word flowers only at their death. We are living in a time where people are ashamed to feel, and I want to know how we got here! It’s disheartening to one like me who spends my days truly working on ways to make the word a better place while I am in it.

I searched my own life as I prayed, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my personal growth in transparency, honesty, and intentionality. I realized that because I have grown to this personally that I have been able to create a safe space like this for others to do the same. What if I told you, that many people don’t mind expressing themselves and sharing how they feel, but what they do mind is expressing said thing to the wrong people. That frightens folks because not everyone can handle their truth. This is the problem. From parents, spouses, siblings, church leaders, lovers and beyond at some point one was betrayed, and people pulled back. Are you one of the ones who pulled back? Can I encourage today? To try and TRUST someone with IT ( whatever it is) again? Like know that you are not alone and that your truth will not scare the right tribe! Don’t be afraid to share the ugly pieces the raw, the solid, the authentic, the honest and the real things happening on the inside of you. Somebody loves you enough to help save you if you want the help! I know this may not be for everybody, but I guarantee you there was something in this for someone you know!

It’s time to dig deep. Surface level relationships and associations just won’t do anymore. Fake things make me nervous. Don’t believe me buy me some fake gold and watch me itch and my skin change colors. I got proof if you need it. It’s time out for placing walls where there should be windows! Life on the other side of that is worth living, I promise.

Today, I won’t tell you to be strong I am simply going to encourage you to be Real…… That’s all.

Reconcile those indescribable emotions and check on your “strong” and “transparent” friends they may need you more than you think!

Be good to yourself this week but most importantly, be the best example you can be for somebody else!

With Love & Light,

R. Rene’

PS. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) YOU ARE NOT ALONE . Share with a friend