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Home & Happiness ....

Happy Feelings in the air …….

Happy Feelings Everrrrywheree……

Happy Feelings…….

Happy Feelings……….

That’s where I am ladies and gent. Happy Feelings by any means necessary. Even when the highs are met with lows , Happy Feelings is my choice. I pray that today as this week begins that you will find your Happy place both internally and externally. I pray that you will be reminded of the good that still exist in the world and the good that is still to come for your life. In my best church guest voice, I bring you greetings live from Los Angeles, California where the weather is sunny with a gentle breeze. LA is stop #2 on my 4-city #resettour. (The name GOD gave this part of my summer joy journey) While I am unsure of all the things GOD plans to reveal during this tour, I am OPEN and ready to greet each piece with much love and light.

As I was preparing for this, I recognized why it was necessary to share this with you. For the past 16 months as we tackled this global pandemic we were met with the “work-from-home” concept. For me, a person who has had many remote work roles over the years and time to be remote when not traveling I understood the concept already, so I thought. I found myself trying to find an outlet in my home from home. (read that again)

My work was spread out throughout the house for the first few months, sometimes working in the dining room, the kitchen, my bed, and the living room and lastly but not as often as I should my office the space dedicated for my creative juices to flow and to work uninterrupted by my own distractions. One day I became so tired of myself and the insomnia and the work crowding me in what was previously my oasis, and I made a change. The change became to only work in my office, to keep my work away from my areas of peace and comfort and to set dedicated times to work in said office. The #1 challenge for myself was to not take work off the 1st floor of the house. The first few weeks it was tough once I found my rhythm and the setting of my own personal boundaries came with ease. I had a regimen; workhours and I began to regain the sense of peace my home reflected prior to the “work-from-home” mandate. It was not until recently that I was reminded in quiet time that HOME is subjective to where the heart is and not solely to what you deem your physical HOME or location. When they told us to work from home lots of anxiousness flooded many Americans because they felt imprisoned to their own spaces. This tour was scheduled for me to break out without taking OFF and to encourage those of you that can, to do the same. To encourage you to rethink your own space and the mundane regimen that accompanied the mandate for you and your family as well. This small break has been one of the best for my mental health not because I am doing special things or going to fancy places but because I am restoring my creativity, increasing the inner peace and freedom that comes with fresh air and new perspectives, reconnecting with the dreams I had before the pandemic but most importantly the joy that comes with re-defining HOME.

I urge you as we prepare for the fall season, kids going back to school and the re-entry of workforce and ministry to check your space, remember the commitment you made to yourself during the start of the pandemic, apply the lessons learned and create space for your freedom within. Find a way to recharge…. For you it may not be a tour, it can be a day, a moment dedicated to finding your way HOME without fear, bondage, and barriers. You deserve that, your family deserves that, your job and team deserve it as well. When you think of HOME today, Think H-APPY , O-PEN, M-entally sound and in great E-xpectation for what’s to come. Will you commit to finding HOME again?

Be Blessed this week, I'm rooting for YOU!


A woman on a joy journey back HOME… :)


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