• R. Rene' Woodard

Guilt -Free , no Gluten!

Happy Monday Beautiful People!!

I pray that today's entry finds you well. Is it me or does Monday roll around quickly these days? Time just keeps rolling and there is no stopping it, in 17 days we will prepare our lips to scream the words " Happy New Year”, to SHED the old and REFRESH with the new.... at least that's the plan for many. For others, they have no plans .... 2020 has robbed them of the ability to SEE , the clear vision that they started with got blurry along the way with all the transitional happenings of the current and you know they just ain't got it in them to plan a thing and I’m not mad at them. There is a level of trauma that came with this year that it will take some a little longer than others to come out of and we must give them the grace to process at their own pace. Giving yourself GRACE is also an option, if you are the one who needs it too.

I know this year self-care and grace have seemed like a trend or a theme across bloggers, coaches, preachers and teachers alike. We have all deep dived into wellness factors fully dressed because we recognize that you can’t be any good to anybody else if you are not at first good to yourself. There are things that weigh YOU down that don’t feel heavy until you do real self-assessment. Some heaviness that belongs to YOU (meaning you own the weight) and some that simply does not belong to you. I want to encourage someone today who may be dealing with the issue of Guilt. With all that is happening around us rather you know it or not GUILT can be normal. You get Guilty for being happy when other people are sad, Guilty for celebrating when others have nothing to celebrate , Guilty feeling responsible or regretful for a perceived offense , real or imaginary all because YOU have taken ownership of another person’s GUILTY energy or need to re-direct ownership of something that belongs to them. If that’s you or someone you know here’s your reminder: It is not your burden, YOU are NOT responsible for ___________. (fill in blank)

Be Clear in this season because emotions are high for all, not to let people attempt to make you feel bad for things that have nothing to do with you. It’s one thing to show empathy to a situation or circumstance but to absorb such thing as your own is not healthy. Now, understand I am no therapist, but I hang with a few and I am sure they will agree that Guilt is almost worse than Gluten. You ever seen a person who committed a crime on the stand in full remorse, tears and sick to their core because the weight of what they did and how they did it had begun to weigh them down mentally. It creates stomach pain, restless nights and more. So, who would choose such self- affliction if not necessary? I urge you today to embrace the Guilt-Free part of life as we close out this year. If celebrating Christmas brings you JOY (Like last week’s entry) celebrate it. You cannot control the mind of men (that’s bible) meaning, you can only control what’s yours and how you choose to walk through it. Everybody does not have the capacity or mental bandwidth to even share in the same grace or space for that matter so today I urge you to free yourself. The only person you owe is YOU.

If you find that you have committed a spiritual, family-ship or friendship crime to which you are truly guilty. Apologize and Forgive yourself once and for all.

Lastly, don’t go broke trying to buy things to fill voids for other people who also need to do a gut check. If your Guilt this holiday season is tied to what you did in years prior and what you can or can’t do this year, please free yourself. This holiday will be different it’s OK. Do not feel pressured to buy, get bigger and want more for the sake of being in the Christmas Spirit. Your Christmas Spirit is not tied to how much you can do but it is more tied to how WHOLE you can be. That starts with ridding those guilty emotions, tapping into the forgiveness in your heart and passing out the gift of LOVE which we are urged to give for FREE.

I don’t know who this was for today, but I pray that you will finish this read feeling lighter and that life will get a little brighter for you and those around you!!

Be well my friends,

R. Rene’ –



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