• R. Rene' Woodard

Fourth , Freedom, Fireworks....

Hey Good People!

Happy 4th of July! I pray that each of you are preparing to enjoy a day off with family, friends, grilling and chilling! Covid slid in and changed all my holiday plans as I have been recovering the past week so, please gather safely today! Outside is open but Covid is still alive and well, do your part!

As I began thinking about the history of Independence Day, the freedom, the birth and celebration of America and what the day represents in the textbook I found myself feeling some type of way about the land of the free because it has not felt so free lately. Like most of the memes you all have seen on Black Twitter and the world-wide web I asked myself, Does America really deserve a birthday party? Like whom raised America? Because in a minority household somewhere right now, there is a mother, father, guardian threatening to cancel a child’s birthday party if they don’t act right.

As I processed the thought, a moment of conviction came over me and like we do in other areas I had to check myself. I may not agree with the state of our nation, the policies and political crazy and corruption but I by no means should question the independence that has sustained even me since this is where I had the privilege to be born. As I sat in repentance of my thoughts ( Yes , you need to repent for your thoughts from time to time) I began to think about privilege as a whole both white , black, LGBTQIA, Christian and non-Christian and rather we want to admit it or not today should indeed be celebrated because while it’s not the free day of our people it is indeed good that AMERICA has a birthday for us to be apart of because this country as ugly as it is still gives us a place where its ok to just BE, where we are able to freely have day to day resources even if the gas is high we still have access to gas. I remember traveling the country roads of Jamaica many years ago and just in Africa even last year watching children wash their clothes in the streams and hang them out to dry, I remember a friend stating they could not run the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time in another part of the country or that on some days there is no electricity because of the way resources are governed or made available. As I went down the rabbit hole of reflection about America and its birthday and positioning, I was reminded of all that was bad and all that was good but all in all there’s still a reason to celebrate both today and every day.

This week I want to encourage you all to give GRACE to America but give GRACE also to yourself and the people around you. Just like America, we don’t always operate in LOVE, but we still are LOVED so if only for today I am choosing to focus on what is good about my freedom of speech and deed. I am choosing to make this Independence Day personal, and I encourage you to do the same! I believe every step we take towards being better people will send fireworks to heaven’s door, so I choose to live in that space today and embrace the good pieces of AMERICA in celebration of the day it was established no matter what state it is in currently.

As the celebration continues for your consideration this week.

- Do not forget to exercise Grace on the Life Race for YOURSELF and OTHERS

- Repentance is real and NEEDED – Thoughts and Actions Alike – Ask for forgiveness but most importantly forgive yourself!

- Disappointment often precedes Destiny – Good things will still happen

- Live Well.

Have an amazing week!

Xoxo RR-