• R. Rene' Woodard

Flip the Script ....

After three long weeks of travel from LA to Rome and Spain, I’ve finally gathered my bearings and slowly getting back into the swing of work and business. I have to say stepping away for a second did my mind and body really good. If you have been following me for quite some time you read Capacity Management and said, oh she has had it…. laughable but very true. I was at my wits end in the moment and while it was accompanied by a light bulb moment for all it was very personal and a reminder for me as well. My life is changing, my habits are changing, Personally and Professionally everything is changing. …. And if I am honest, I like it this way. I never really knew what my grandma and her friends meant when they would quote song and scripture like you will understand it better by and by .. oh, but now as a seasoned woman in the world and in the lord, I know exactly what understanding something by and by means. Every moment, every second, every day, every year that I am privileged to breathe I understand what, why and how things are unfolding aka by and by. In the past, I would question endings both in life and in death, not anymore. There’s peace in knowing and peace in the unknowns as well and for all of that I am extremely grateful.

Now let us get to the good stuff.

Can we agree that there have been some strange things happening in the world? I mean from seeing an uptick of monkey pox cases in the US, heartbreaking mass shootings and so many moments where love and life are being ripped from up under us without notice. Covid was one thing but add the pandemic to an already hurting nation and we get this type of fallout energy, and it is very sad. The saddened emotions of what was happening in my country stood at the forefront of my mind during my travels. So much so that I began to study the people in each place looking for a glimpse of what has made the difference in how they handled the pandemic and what life looks like to them in this new normal world. I heard similar stories of loss and change from many natives of Israel and others from the countryside of Italy. They spoke of the economy shift, downsizing and making changes that would improve their quality of life. Not once did they mention the government and bailouts, nor did they mention missing the life they had before. That’s when my lightbulb went off. Nobody was focused on what they use to do but they were focused on the present moment and how they would fare in this new normal. They were all full of joy, happy to be outdoors and see friends and family and tourist. They filled each moment with laughs and smiles. The LOVE witnessed was almost overwhelming. I started to notice how couples and groups would gather for dinner and spend the first 15-20 minutes talking before even ordering a dish, where phones were few unless for a picture, but they were intentional about being with each other. The theme of my trip became LOVE and with every turn I felt it, I saw it and I embraced it. I said to my self , America needs more LOVE.

I want to encourage you all this week to stop moving in circles around the way things use to be and reconcile your emotions around what things are right now. It takes some hard truths and may even require a few tears but its worth it.

Focus on making each moment and experience better for all you encounter. Shift your conversations to words that uplift, impact and essentially push the people in your life to new levels to go alongside this new normal. Replace your fears and worry with LOVE and lastly change your perspective about what this leg of the journey looks like to you because life will never be the same. I know I have said it before, but honestly, I will say it every week, repeatedly if I must until it takes root in your soul.

Other countries live different post pandemic because of how they managed it in the beginning and the sacrifice they were willing to make during it. They sat down. Europe was one of the first countries to establish curfew and end tourism. They were willing to make short term sacrifices for long term benefits. They understood the assignment, we live in the land of the FREE, yet we still walk around in bondage to ourselves and the lack of discipline we are willing to exercise to really be FREE. I commend us for being known survivors and our resilient abilities to overcome the things outside of our control, but we can’t expect the old script to carry us through a new play.

Do not be afraid to flip the script, it’s allowed and this case its necessary!

What areas do you need to revisit to live life to the fullest in this new normal?

Is it your attitude? Family? Love? Finance/Savings Plan?

Challenge yourself this week, be honest about what you subscribed to in the past that may no longer serve you or the people you are trying to serve...

Add some Discipline to that Determination and watch your outlook on life change drastically!

You may even start dining people you love with your phone down! 😊

We can all can win with the right tools , let's do something different.

Have an amazing week!