• R. Rene' Woodard

Drifting on a Memory ....

Here we are good people, It’s Monday and I made it back to you all on -time!

How awesome is that? (Though, I know you all give much grace when I fall off, to be back on schedule feels good.)

Listen, it is cold outside…. Temperatures are up and down, up and down but those google photo reminders let me know quick that it could be worse. This same day, January 25, 2016 was what we call “Snowmagedon” in the District of Columbia. During this time, I lived in the heart of the city on a street with a light hill….but with 6-10 inches of snow on the ground, my car was completely covered and snow hills were all around making that little hill become HUGE really quick and I was stuck. So, when I think back and attempt to share my distain with today’s temperatures an immediate gut check took place because this cold air and mild winter are far better than what I was sitting in 5 years ago.

As I began to reflect on the day mentioned above , my little lightbulb went off and I thought to myself how many people are struggling through this pandemic and current day “stuck” on things of the past? Stuck in the moments like Snowmagedon because somehow someway the old days and times just seem better than what you are currently living in? Ever been there? You can be honest you are not alone rather people would admit it or not. I personally wanted to have an entire fit about being cold but when I was abruptly reminded of how everything of the past isn’t all good it helped me, and I hope it can help you too. We have spent the last 11 months living in the past yet Keeping it moving in the process. Facebook memories of trips, parties and gatherings, Google reminders of workouts, rooftops and winery visits reminding us of what WAS constantly yet forcing others to take what IS for granted. I know these last few weeks I have been sharing about being present and really tapping into how the past is reflected in our everyday actions and choices.

I want to simply encourage someone reading today to be mindful of what you do with what you REMEMEBER. It can get tricky if you are not careful and what’s supposed to just be a moment of reflection can send you down a rabbit hole of what if , what could , if I , why they, why me, can’t wait til I FRENZY! This becomes one of those make or break moments but it’s up to you. Let this be your reminder that NOTHING is better than your RIGHT NOW. Like seriously, I know it’s hard with COVID but despite COVID you are thriving and surviving again there is NOTHING better than your right now. When I say this I am not saying to Forget the Past and I am not including the optimism and faith tied to what’s to come but I am simply reminding you that in the present moment no matter what the past looked like or what you are anticipating in your future, this very moment is just as important as those memories and the memories to come. There is something special about the power of remembrance. I shared on IG weeks ago, that it will either Remind you of how far you’ve come and to appreciate your NOW or it will Remind you of WHO you are and how you may need to turn it up a notch….Either way you WIN so I urge you to be careful with what you Remember and how you allow memories to drive your decisions and essentially interfere with your destiny. I can stay here forever because I have been one that has healed from Good Memories and Bad memories alike.

I’ll say this and leave y’all alone …. Some of those jobs and relationships of your past were NOT always a good look and if you reflect long enough you may even REMEMBER the times when it was worse than your NOW. You may even recall a time where you prayed for the mental and physical freedom you have now. I know you made more, I know she/he traveled with you, argued less and did XYZ, I know I know they had better benefits etc.…. I know I know that trip was bomb and you had fun…. I GET IT…but ask yourself would you work there again? Would you go on another trip with that same group? Wait wait, why aren’t you still with she/he? (Backing back out y’all business now) But you get my point.

I urge the one that is contemplating going back, the one who is running mentally too far ahead and the one who is simply drifting in a memory … Focus your intentions on the present, be careful with what you do with that memory. Let it be the thing that drives you good or bad. Good- Proof that you know GOOD Bad- Proof that you know BAD and PROOF that the past is behind you and NOW is the best thing smoking. I challenge the one who does not feel like the current is better to say it anyway… and to say it every day until it becomes your reality! My NOW is BETTER than anything else! The Past helped create this version of you, Keep BLOOMING and your current will become a past as well. (Y’all will get that later)

I’m done now!

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Love ya!

R. Rene’

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