• R. Rene' Woodard

Dreams & Prayers .....

I love the DC architecture...I love the monuments and the history.. I really like taking friends to see Dr. King and all the views at night.

I remember wanting to move here at 23 years old. Me & my BFF drove 10 hrs in my 2 door Chevy Cavalier to find me a place, I couldn't afford any of it. Corporate housing was almost 3k back then too!I had to decline the offer and was forced to change directions. I was sad , hurt and had no clue what to do next because all I wanted was the DC dream.

As I was reflecting this morning during my quiet time and reading my devotional my mentor sent a text as she does every morning ( Love me some Dr. Judy Boyd) where God reminded me once again that my current life was once just a DREAM and a PRAYER that I now get to LIVE in.

It took 9 years for the dream to come to pass. If I'm honest , I had probably given up on the idea of it around year 5. I want to encourage someone waiting today with these words directly from her text. " You must realize your plans are rough estimates and God holds the meticulously thought out blueprint", I'm gonna follow with Jeremiah 29:11 there " For I know the plans" ......I am saying this because I couldn't see the character building, maturity, money and resources GOD was providing then to make my now possible. Your Dream is still possible! 💭🙌

I spent 8 years in Nashville and was content, LIVING wellllll and maximizing the hand GOD gave me until. I urge you to find peace in where you are until you get where you are going. That blueprint has some design details that are alllllll for your good! 📖 God got me together before sunrise as I'm preparing for this next leg of my DREAM journey & I hope it sits well with you today too.. You don't have to know all the plans, I know you are a planner and a perfectionist ( I was too) . I know you wanna see it before you see it but TRUST even when u don't see it....It's still happening. I'm full of gratitude because GOD be looking out for real! A Dream delayed is not a Dream denied! 🔑 🗣🗣Know the difference!

Next month will make 9 years in DC .... he overdelivered on his promise and while this is not the final stop it has been one of the best experiences and a place that fits every layer of who and what I represent! Knowing yourself is important when trying to figure it out too..but we will talk about that later!

Love ya!

R. Rene'