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Don't Run ....

For the past few weeks, I have been placed in some challenging professional and personal situations. Representing organizations on meetings with US officials all while major disconnects run rampant corporately across my department and throughout my industry with buyouts and Omicron being very real. Handling hundreds of client and staff emotions and expectations. Tough conversations with family members and friends and just a lot of crazy energy floating around. Can you relate? Is mercury in retrograde?? I think that’s what y’all call it, let me know. See, for a person like me whose life is quite the peaceful yet adventurous one, these challenges started to get to me a bit. I became very short on some calls with team members making ridiculous request knowing my plate was full. My tolerance for anything other than a warm bubble bath, some soothing music, a glass of wine and some JESUS was null and void. There was apart of me that really wanted to RUN. Not to reset, not to get it together and come back, but to simply SHIFT and do something different that wouldn’t make me feel like running when I was faced with it head on. As I sat with myself during a quick rejuvenating weekend getaway God gently whispered, “Don’t RUN, That’s too easy for you”. SIT IN IT and POWER through like I taught you. Immediately, flash backs of every once “tough” obstacle or thing that I labeled as challenging began flashing before my closed eyes. I was quickly, reminded of all the deaths, the heartbreaks the loss, racism, rejection and more that I survived in my young years of life. It went from a brief view of the challenge to a glimpse of how I overcame, things that easily may have taken someone else out and how I won or was blessed in the end. What would happen if you SAT IN the challenging place for a minute and asked GOD for that same preview and glimpse. What would that kind of reminder show you about YOU?

This is for my honest readers, my honest family, and friends the ones that know that it’s been worse than this before and you still made it. That’s the one thing about history that I like, we have a record of what happened, and we have a mirror to remind us of just how far we have come and that nothing is too hard for you to handle. As you begin to push through the remainder of this work week, I want to challenge you to SIT IN IT and not RUN. You don’t need a new city, a new man, or a new woman, you may not even need a new JOB right now. Each of those new things will eventually present a challenge of its own and we will be right back here on the track of life preparing for yet another run. I urge you to stay the course, do your part and let GOD do his too. One thing I know is GOD runs a little bit faster than me and he has always won the race. Let him do the running on your behalf, while you use the tools you already possess to simply push through it. This thing that you are faced with right now is much bigger than you and if you don’t sit now, you will be running forever. Let GOD spin the block for you and DON’T RUN!! This TOO shall pass, and you deserve what’s on the other side of your tough situation!

One of my close friends is dating someone new and when she asked him what has went wrong in past situations he shared honestly, that he tends to RUN when things get tough or when he looks too far ahead. It’s his place of comfort. She politely, thanked him for his honesty and replied “Well, if you run, I’m going to let you”. He laughed it off but that one comment stuck with him enough to share it with me and get my thoughts. Like this young lady in the same fashion, GOD will let you run, that’s free will and choice but I promise the lessons attached to the RUN may be far tougher than what you won’t sit through right now! Pick and choose your battles today.

Not sure who this one is for today but I’m a witness that doing the work, sitting still and not running continues to be my superpower. When I stopped running my life changed drastically. All this crazy energy was simply a trigger and it almost got me no lie. But I’m grateful for how the challenges continue to aid to my growth.

Adulting 401 (Yes, I am in the graduate school of Adulting 😊)

You got this,

R. Rene’

Temporary discomfort a lifetime of courage!

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