• R. Rene' Woodard

Don't be a sore Loser....

Sitting here thinking of the election, the days of anxiousness employed by all who were glued to the TV for four long days awaiting the ballot count. I thought of the people who could vote that did and those that could but did not. The ones who wish they could have and the ones who simply had no interest because they did not believe either ticket was perfect for their future…. Millions of things raced my mind but the one thing that continues to stand out today as I write this is the current Presidents inability to simply surrender. It led me to think about how we move as believers and everyday people. Rather you will admit it or not and if I were more of a gambler, I would be willing to bet that many of you have been a little like 45 and do not surrender easily. You have likely found yourself in situations where you were not willing to take the L…. and be big enough to shake the hand or celebrate the one selected……. You can be honest it’s just us right now, you and me…Have you ever been that person? Do you have a hard time surrendering?

If you answered YES, thank you for your honesty. This week I want you to learn from another’s mistake. I know the last thing you probably want to be compared to is Mr. 45 so let’s think of it like the players that walk off the court after a championship game loss without acknowledging the players on the other team…no handshakes, just heads down , anger and disappointment. If we can call it like we see it we are all one in the same if we tend to carry that same character trait when we are up against something sweet Jesus has told us to do or an opponent that we don’t think should win for no other reason than wanting to win ourselves. See my aim this week is simply to encourage someone to Lose with grace! To Lose with dignity and do it well. If there is ever a time to learn how to lose with grace it is now here in the year of 2020. So much has been lost for many over the past 8 months, but on the upside so much was gained. For me, this clarity about losing is one of the many things that I have personally gained. Everything that looked like a LOSS to me at first when the pandemic hit , the canceled events, appearance and things that I believed were the only roads to having an extended winning season as terrible as it felt I had to surrender to the season that had hit our nation. It just did not make sense to me, but I knew that for what it was worth there was always going to be something BIGGER on the other side of what was LOST. So unlike how I was when we began the pandemic I can honestly say that I have learned how to take the L’s and make the lemonade and still see the light on the other side of the tunnel.

For everyone who is up against something in this moment and not sure of the outcome , I want to remind you that even if your name isn’t called and even if you team does not win this go round you can conceded gracefully. It is a complete and utter disgrace to watch someone lose and not acknowledge the opponent. It’s not a good look and in order to continue to carry the mantle of winner you must act like one. There may be people in your timeline who are up for the same grant , funding or engagement as you , there may be a coworker who is in the running for the promotion right alongside of you … there may be organizations that do what you do and people may choose them over you …. It is OK.

I want you to be reminded that even if your name is not called it does not discredit the work and your ability to win. It just means you did not win this time. But the minute you forget that all Losses are Lessons to help with the next win you start to resemble that of a sore loser. I have said it before, I’ll say it again NO means NEXT and I encourage each of you to learn to lose well, head high and eyes set on the next race.

3 ways to take an “L” well….

1. Change your definition of (Win/Lose)

a. Lessons – Acknowledge what you did both right and wrong and how you can be better next time

b. Love- Remember that you are loved, and the loss is an act of love i.e. Protection, timing, God knows how much you can bear

c. Light – There is no room for doom and gloom but now you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and how this will benefit what’s next.

2. Accept that you, your services and/or product is not for everybody

3. Celebrate the success of others

Surrendering is the real WIN.

Be Blessed,

R. Rene’