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Clean your Closet!

Have you ever attempted to seasonal clean your home and you get everything done base boards and windows included, but when you finally sit down to relish in the accomplishment you realize you missed something? I should probably limit this to the folks that clean their own homes regularly :). While I am a lady who loves the convenience of having the cleaning company slide through each month there is just some maintenance that I have to handle myself in between those visits. It takes me forever; I complain most of the time but only because I am a bit more detailed oriented than the cleaners. Like they may vacuum and mop and dust the cabinets but when I do it, I have this crazy tendency to re-arrange my cups and plates, wipe down every cabinet one by one, take the drapes down and dust, you know do the most per usual.

As I began my pre-cleaning over (IYKYK), I realized that though my house is always clean, some of my closets needed some TLC. I know you are thinking you live alone it can’t be that bad. But in full transparency, I live across my entire house. From the creative’s den/office to the guest rooms each part of my home gets QT from me. 😊 Every time I get dressed for an event I find myself tearing the once color coded closet up all over again in my bedroom, my business merch closet also made me cringe when I opened the door over weekend and that’s when it hit me , we live in a world where folks only clean and fix the things that others will SEE and some folks don’t even do that . (But that’s they business)

From the home to the HEART everything is NOT as CLEAN as it seems.

I like your clean couch (hair) but what’s in your closet (head)

I like your beautiful curtains (clothes) but what’s in your closet (character)

I like your sharp chairs, wall-hangings, décor, and design but what’s in your Heart?

Some of our hearts are much like those closets full of stuff and in some cases JUNK that needs re-organizing, purging and a quick clean-up.

A clean closet gives you an opportunity to find things more easily and provides some clarity for your home and your soul. Some of our closets are full of things that no longer fit who we are today and if we just keep leaving it behind the door because no one else can see it we are only hurting ourselves. There is a direct relationship between a cluttered home and a cluttered mind so what do you suppose happens when you Declutter it. Life as you know it becomes more stable and you are able to think clearly when making decisions and handling the people around you.

You are not mean/angry. Your closet just needs to be cleaned.

You are not bitter. Your closet just needs to be cleaned.

You are not a fraud. Your closet just needs to be cleaned.

You do not lack. Your closet just needs to be cleaned. (You can’t see the value in what you have already when it’s messy, dig deep)

Get my point, Clean your closet!!

You do forgive!

You are enough!

You do show-up and support!

You do Believe!

You are capable!

Yes, I’m the crazy person who tends to find revelation in everything. As neat as I am personally, I realized that though I am crazy about keeping a clean home, I can’t call the home clean unless it’s cleaned through and through, Closets included.

Ask yourself these questions as you navigate the week ahead.

Are there things in my heart and my head that can use some decluttering?

Do I have some closets physically, spiritually, and emotionally that would benefit from some seasonal cleaning? If the answer is YES, plan to get it done this week!

For some this may require hiring help. A cleaning service or a therapist? A close friend or confidante who is willing to be honest with you and help you to be honest with yourself, organize your thoughts and your shoes? You Got this!

Let’s get our houses and hearts in order as we approach this Fall Season!! You know what your space needs!

Love ya!

RR- xoxo

Have an amazing week!


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