• R. Rene' Woodard

Capacity Management!

What’s up good people!

I know Monday’s can be dreadful for some, but I pray that each of you are off to a great start today!

It has been a full day already on my end. My morning was super heavy with my first meeting starting at 715AM EST virtually and a in-person appointment at 8AM EST. I hit some heavy traffic trying to do all things at once and was immediately frustrated at the school buses and return to work traffic on the beltway. If you have ever been to the DMV area on a regular weekday morning you know exactly what I was up against. I was up super early, gave myself ample time so I was not in a rushed state whatsoever, meditation complete, prayer time solid, worship on I was ready …. But suddenly irritated. Have you ever felt that way? I had to check myself during that first call and repeatedly as I navigated traffic jams on my short ride. My phone was ringing and while I wanted to answer I did not have the mental capacity to pick up because I was already on one. By my next meeting, I recall telling one of my staff members at this point “I don’t care” …… In that moment, I realized the self-care queen is tired not physically but mentally.

If you keep up with me you know every 6 months it happens, I thought because I strategically set-up Q1 to include my rest that I was good, because I did not fill my plate up with things and that my intentionality in placing all these boundaries around me would make a difference but today, I realized it did not. The reality is I’ve done the work, I do the work but there must be some limitations on even doing the work. Self-assessments, Personal and Professional Development, Business Growth, Relationships and all the things as good as they are, these things also require limits and stop gates. That may sound strange to some of you, but it is true … Growing and Evolving can wipe you out on a good day. Ever had a good session with your therapist and the rest of the day you are mentally just GONE or wait had a lightbulb moment after some self-assessment and now you added 5 years of retrospection to your already full plate and friends don’t let us hear a good sermon that walks down your street now you evaluating your whole life trying to apply this word day in and day out so you can be better ….can we be honest? The work hurts sometimes, and it will cause you to be exhausted!

I commend each of you for charting your paths forward with no breaks I use to do that also but as I shared last week while it’s just as important to ask yourself “Is it worth it” it is equally important to do a mirror check and ask “Have I reached my limit?

To keep being this healthy, whole, healed, and authentic and determined version of myself that you see daily I have to be HONEST with ME and what I need in every season of my life. Much like the 4 environmental seasons of mother nature, my season runs daily because GOD renews, stirs up and prompts something different in me daily……..sometimes that stir comes with rain other times it comes with sunshine and there’s times when there is valleys of cold wind or super-HOT temperatures ( not those kind of hot flashes) but the kind where you are tested and want to combust but you don’t ….. I’m going to keep it real every time so if you cannot handle the truth again, I am not the coach, leader, friend, motivation speaker or blogger for you!

Some call it tired or an empty cup, others say compassion fatigue but whatever you call it make sure you CALL- IT what it is and make sure you are NOT at your limit.

Perform a capacity check today!

If you find that you are super close to being maxed out …… you know what to do. It sounds like “Absolutely Not,” “DND” or sitting in silence for a bit, unplugged and restoring yourself without losing yourself! This is the work I challenge you to do this week!

Love you all!

Thanks for your continued support and push both publicly and privately!

We in this together!

Ps. I go on vacation next week , keep those prayers coming!

R. Rene’