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Good People! It’s been a week or so since I shared in this space and I want to start you off on the good foot this cold Monday evening. A good friend sent me pictures of snow in the Midwest region and I literally became colder looking at the pic, I’m not ready so pray saints!

I had one of those brilliant light bulb moments last week and started typing a message to you all in my phone and my thoughts must have become interrupted because the note was only half finish ( insert scream). My guess is what I didn’t capture in words was reserved for me personally and not the masses, so I’ll just move on from where I left off.

Exactly one week ago, I had a meeting downtown DC off Pennsylvania and Vermont Ave just a block away from the White house. If you ever traveled to DC, then you know parking in the inner city can be a mess at times. I was running very prompt which means one mishap and I would likely be late for my appointment. Because parking can be so difficult and my previous memories of the buildings in this area, I circled blocks in search of a parking spot. I went a few blocks away believing that there had to be something a little further and I could just walk back to where I needed to be. To my surprise, the surrounding streets were jam packed and now I am going to be late if I don’t find a spot. I continue to circle and was committed in my mind to finding the first best spot. On my last circle around the building I ended up in the front of the building only steps from the door and what do I see an open space waiting for me. Now when I first got to the area I did not even attempt to go to the front of the building because in previous attempts the outcome was not so favorable. I assumed that if I went in the front from the beginning it would only end the way I was used to, so I didn’t bother.

I’m going somewhere, stay close….

How often do we subconsciously move like that in our everyday lives? How many of you have also made some assumptions?? About things, places, people, parking space availabilities and more? Assuming you know the outcome , answer or even the words someone else is going to speak out of their own mouth all because of what you are used to …or the answers you have received in the past? The kind of assumptions that have cost you time, made you work harder rather than smarter? Kept you solo when help was an option? Can you be honest enough to raise your hand?? Guilty? I know I have been even beyond the parking space. But this was the day that convicted me about all the times before. .…. It was in that moment that I realized we know nothing at all and all your old outcomes, what you saw last time etc. really mean nothing at all in real time.

We have simply become extremely accustomed to the unfavorable result that we won't even try. In the streets people say that assumptions make you look like the first 3 letters of the word Assumption. (I didn’t say it, they did lol) Truth is when we operate out of assumptions, we look guarded, defensive and quite frankly like a know it all. You ever spoke to a person who said something like I was going to ask you to go but I figured you were busy or I wanted to do that but I figured I wasn't qualified or no slots were available .QOTD did u call??? Did you look or inquire ...No you did not so How do you know!???

I’m sick of it.

I want to encourage each person reading this today to do me a solid but most importantly do yourself a solid and STOP ASSUMING. It really isn’t worth it , get to the truth of it all , check it out , make the call , ask the questions and get real answers so that you can make more informed decisions about what’s in front of you or what move to make. Just like you have not cause you ask not, you know not because you ASSUME a lot!!! I promise the minute you make this change you will start to see the goal list move from TO DO to ACCOMPLISHED. You will see relationships go from UNHEALTHY with trouble communication to HEALTHY and HONEST. One small thing can lead to a million good BIG things if you simply TAP in and make this personal change!

Remind yourself this week: I will _____________and not ASSUME!! (You fill in the blank)

With Love,

R. Rene’

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