• R. Rene' Woodard

Alexa, Play all of the lights...

Springing forward and Sleeping Less and Less. That is the best way to describe these first few days of day light savings for me. The struggle between my love for the sunrise and the light of day to teaching my body when it’s time to go to bed is real. At this very moment it is close to 3AM eastern standard time and my body clearly believes it’s nothing shy of midnight. I do not know rather to blame this on the falling asleep too early, daylight savings or my insomniac ways nonetheless here we are. I pray that your story is different from my mine and that by the time you open this email you will be fully rested and ready to conquer the day.

As I sit in the dark, typing and reflecting on the past few days I cannot help but to consider the morale shift that comes with the days of longer light. The roads are packed, the neighborhood is full of children playing and families walking and exercising, people are simply inspired to do more and to embrace the start of a new season. As I continued to process the change, I could not help but to consider this the “light at the end of the tunnel” that everyone has been waiting for. The end of winter blues, writer’s block, seasonal depression, bad vibes, business closures, the pandemic and more. As the thought crossed my mind it led me to my handy-dandy dictionary where I was reminded what that phrase really means and this is when I got excited, and I think you will too. See it’s one thing to say a thing but it’s another thing to believe what you are saying and what it means for you and the people around you. By definition light at the end of the tunnel means a long-awaited indication that a period of hardship or adversity is nearing an end.... and here we are shifting from a period of darkness with daylight savings, ending the long, dreary, cold dark days and welcoming in more light and more life!

I don’t know who needs this mid-week reminder, but THIS IS YOUR PERSONAL INDICATION that the hardship and adversity you are currently facing is about to come to an end!!

The visible signs of light are in front of you. Some things started to look like they were getting worse but you and I both know that’s what happens when things are ending … It gets bad at times right before it gets better. Keep walking, lean IN, don’t turn around, look straight ahead and I promise if you look hard enough you will see the LIGHT. Still having a hard time seeing the light? I got YOU. This same day 3/15/2020, it was a Sunday and the start of our last normal week, and no one knew it. That was 2 years ago, and YOU are still standing and surviving baby and even with high gas prices you have not missed a beat, so there is LIGHT. If you still can’t see it, call me I’ll walk through the rest of the tunnel with you until you can!

Real Talk, it has not always been easy for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But now that I can after experiencing dark moments of my own, I want to help more people to get there too. I’m not here to create some false reality by romanticizing the highs and lows of life or to make you think that each week you are going to be happy and forever motivated because I know life gets real. My hope is that these writings serve as a timely reminder to encourage you to never give up and that the promises of GOD remain YES and AMEN no matter what you experience and to confirm you aren't crazy lol. That even when things look crazy there are practical ways to approach your obstacles and still stay the course!

Be good to yourself this week and FOLLOW The light!

Darkness is coming to an end!