• R. Rene' Woodard

A few words for the day...

In the words of the internet mavens ’22 definitely came in swinging like 20 too. I chuckle at the thought of that, but the reality is there is definitely some residue of covid years past on covid years present for many of us. Some days I’ll admit its hard to shake. As a leader it places many barriers and challenges on my day to day. Decisions to be made around travel, programming and events that could affect the health and wellness of my teams. As a sister, daughter, niece, cousin, friend it significantly shifts how I can support or show up during tough times for the people I love and as a human being it shakes the core of my empathetic heart to watch us lose people physically, mentally and spiritually because they have retired the ounce of hope they had left when everything around them looks the same.

I write today to offer up some hope, motivation and love for those struggling to find their footing. You my friend are not alone; some people just have a bit too much pride or ego to admit that this thing has changed them. I hope you find peace in knowing you are joined by many. For those who have found their sense of normalcy in this abnormal climate I encourage you to motivate others to live on and live strong and share the tools that have helped you through it thus far. For me personally, my faith, my community and my tribe made the difference the past 2 years. We recognized that each of us had something the other one needed. If it were resources, if it was a laugh, motivation or ideas on how to fill the gaps of our time we helped one another. So, by you sharing you open a door to a community of persons who need what you once needed as well. Don’t hoard the things that can help someone else. You have something someone else needs and helping them can help you too believe me! I encourage you as this week comes to a close to lift your head and get yourself back in position. Rather than look for things to be the same, I am committed to finding my way in the now. What does this mean for me? What does it mean for my business model? Family? How can we make this work for us individually and collectively? These are the questions I ask daily in response to a “I can’t, “We can’t”, “ When”, “How”.

If I can go off script for a second and pose this question “How Intentional has COVID’s presence made you ??” Apart of me believes that even in finding hope, sharing tips and motivation there is something to be said about the required intentionality that has been forced upon us. We are in positions to do more of what matters, less of what does not. We have to think twice about saying “Yes” and “No” to many regular life things that we would once fill our days and weeks with. In its own way it’s given us time back to prepare and reframe who we are and the life we want to live as I mentioned last week. If you have not thought of it this way, find the silver lining in it all today!

Tell yourself and someone else something GOOD today!

Laugh for no reason and find JOY in the sounds of your voice and the intentional things around you that make life worth living!

Love ya!

Be encouraged ,