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A Beautiful Surprise!

Greetings Family!!

I pray that each of you are well on this Thursday. It has been a long week and it’s still not over, but I dare not complain! Sometimes you have to remember what you prayed for. We often get overwhelmed with schedules, tasks , the day to day and forget we prayed those no lack prayers, die empty prayers and my favorite “ use me lord” prayers so dare us not get weary in our well doing because a day to reap is coming …that’s the promise and that’s what I personally believe! What do you believe???

Yeah, that’s not why I stopped by, but it needed to be said I suppose.

I just wanted to jump in the mix this week to keep that weekly blog promise to myself to share with each of you. 13 days into August and Covid-19 is still hanging on like an annoying ex-boyfriend/girlfriend but in a dangerous way, right? Despite the way some parts of the world are moving, Covid-19 is still making moves so I challenge you to continue to govern yourselves and your households accordingly and with care.

Real blog starts here.....( no judgement)

I’m full today!! I mean like full the past few weeks have been full of Beautiful Surprises. The kind that make your tear ducts leak a little bit and I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love. I had the opportunity to travel to my hometown safely and quietly so I thought on last week to see my parents and the last of the aging elders in my family and it did my soul so darn good! To my surprise the craziest of the family clan decided to throw me a small 40th Birthday Party mask, customized sweet treats and gifts included. I was totally shocked at this kind unexpected gesture! It took me a minute to process what was happening but once it did the tears flowed of joy and appreciation. Here’s the thing, I have never had a surprise anything. If you know me, I like to be prepared, know the ins/outs and details to ensure every T is crossed and I is dotted. This can sometimes get out of hand in planning with others, so I don’t. I do it myself and never place my crazy or any burdens on the people I love. This is me and they know it so for them to finally get me was a BIG Deal! During the process I was working with my best friends’ husband to surprise her in the same week and working like crazy at work. For lack of better words, I was completely head down and checked out of anything outside of my responsibility. I was so checked out that when I heard the word “Surprise” my mom had to whisper, “It’s for YOU”. Funny right? Lol, As I reflected on that moment this week GOD shook me and said how many other times have, I been attempting to “Surprise” you yet you were too busy to see it or catch it. How many times have I whispered, “It’s for YOU” and you still not move or accept it? I’m guilty fam…. Like Guilty!! Guilty of missing the signs and the opportunity to experience GOD’s true love for me because I have wanted my hand in it all at all times leaving no room to even SEE the goodness placed in front of me yelling surprise. There have also been times when I thought I heard surprise and immediately assumed it was for the person next to me or behind me. Last week reminded me for the 1000th time that I too am worthy of beautiful surprises. I had to digest it because I am a giver, a sower into people by way of support, love and being present often. I don’t have any motives, it’s just naturally who I am and what GOD has told me to be. So, for me to get a gift or have someone do something for me just because or in return just seems so unnecessary. I appreciate and I Love every bit of it, but it is not a requirement. I love without limits and conditions and what this beautiful surprise showed me was more than a notion that I am not alone, and the people GOD has around me share my same sentiments. It’s truly a blessing.

I want to encourage you as we close out this week with these 3 things:

1. Surround yourself with people who get YOU, not who always agree, not those who just tolerate you or secretly want to be you, but those who really GET YOU MOTIVE FREE

2. Silence yourself when needed, I find that I miss things when it’s too noisy…. Quiet your heart and mind so that you can HEAR and SEE clearly. (Covid gave you an out from distractions, use it!)

3. Surrender your days to GOD so you don’t miss the Surprise he has with your name on it, it’s right in front of you but you must relinquish the control!!

A Beautiful Surprise is on the way !

I love you all with my whole -heart and there’s nothing you can do about it!

Be good to yourself!

R. Rene’





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