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2019 closing in ......

Greetings Good People!!!

I hope that each of you are having an amazing week thus far. As I sit here preparing to finally start some Christmas shopping for my angel children I could not help but notice that we are a week from Christmas and I am just starting to shop. We're all family right? So I can be honest with you..... No judgement.... I have NOT been in the mood... I have tried to shop several times in the past few weeks and it just did not work out for me. If you have ever received a gift from me than you know that I like my gifts to have themes and tell perfectly curated stories for the recipient. But with only a week left to do so it probably won't happen that way and it's OK. A similar feeling overwhelmed me when I opened my 2019-2020 planner to review my October and November Goal lists. October I killed it, November I completed 80% of action items and now Dec 17, 2019.... I am only at 25% for this month to date....I almost felt bad about that too, anxiety was on the horizon yesterday super heavy and then I reminded myself to stay present!!!

I want to encourage someone today who may be disappointed in what they did not accomplish in 2019 or this month or last week to simply be still and know that YOU STILL HAVE TIME. Rome, Amazon nor Apple were built overnight so don't expect to build or do something overnight. Remove the pressure to please others off your plate and do what you can. As the new decade approaches every pastor, every teacher/theologian, speaker and writer myself likely included will be pushing the message of VISION, 20/20, focused and locked in, walking in what you see and what you don't etc....but even then don't let it rush you or make you feel as if you are on the same timeline as others. For I know the plans I have for you said the even after the vision board is set, the message is heard and you are in motion only those things that are aligned with your promised future will come to pass... don't get disappointed about what did not take place because TIMING is everything...I can only say all of this because I know it 1st hand... I am the queen of writing the vision, making it plain but we can never write in the "life" that takes place along the way that changes your life trajectory or places a monkey wrench or mood wrench for that matter in your vision or to do list......... Be encouraged during this season that just like rollover minutes on your mobile lines ...each thing on that to do list that was not accomplished can roll over to the next month until it is eventually checked off. You are exactly where you need to be even if it does NOT feel like it. (That part was for me, Thanks GOD) that again.....YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE EVEN IF IT DOES NOT FEEL LIKE IT!!! So to whomever was feeling a way about the capacity to gift, the energy to be in the spirit or finish the year strong.....being present in a time when many are killing themselves over this season is FINISHING the year STRONG ENOUGH. Give yourself a little more Grace!

I'll stop there...

I love you all with my whole heart!

Have a blessed day!


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