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Be Prepared~

Greetings Good People and Happy Tuesday!!

How blessed are we, it's Tuesday Oct 29 2019!!! Do you all get tired of me leading each blog with a reference to the date? If so, I'm sorry.....well not really lol... I am just completely in awe at how fast time is moving. Each time I write I look down to the right of my computer and honestly want to scream at the rate by which time is passing. I dare not take the gift of time for granted and I urge you not to either!

The past few weeks have been filled with preparation ....rather it was preparing for an event, a travel assignment, leisure or simply a work from home week I had to prepare. In my preparation, I noticed that I was very intentional about how I used my time. I took the time to write out pick up and drop off times, schedule in person meetings, appointments and more. I even packed 2 days before a trip rather than waiting for the night before to take the edge and pressure off of myself to be ready when it was time to take flight. If I am honest I was probably the most productive I have been in a very long time. I did a lot in a short time period but I was so prepared that it did not take as much of a toll on me mentally and physically as times prior. People hear the word preparation and immediately get anxious .......but why? Do we fear NOT being prepared so much that we fail at preparation or over complicate it? I pose the question because during my personal time of preparation I realized that it was more of a short term sacrifice for long term benefit and it truly helped things run like a well-oiled machine. For a few seconds, I questioned myself like what took you so long to get here. Disclaimer.....I always prepare but not the way I did this time, I sat out of some things, I stuck to the plan and gave myself hard deadlines.

See Preparation is defined by my friend Webster as “The action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration".

Get familiar with my favorite part”"The action or process of making ready.... That part hit me differently in my spirit these days ( yall know how I function) because we prepare but we don't perfect a process to remain ready at all times. Y'all know that " If you stay ready, you ain't gotta get ready" statement ....NOT everybody moves like that. I promise they say it but when the time comes it's more like ready or not and they wing it... Winging it is not being prepared. I know I know a few will argue that You cannot be ready for everything and to that point I agree because there are many things that we will never be prepared for ....but for those things that we can prepare for I want to encourage you to do so. Start by making yourself ready..... Perfecting your preparation process be it for your weekly meals or for your next business meeting, do you have an elevator speech? When is the last time you were asked “So tell me about yourself” are you prepared for what you have coming up next? Are you struggling with preparing for something major? A test? Certification? Move? Schedule some preparation time, seek out some accountability and take action so that you my friend can be made ready for use or consideration!!

My best friend and I were chatting yesterday and I shared that in this current life season I am working on being the best version of myself as possible in preparation for what is coming my way in coming months. Shortly after our conversation, I saw a post that read “Are you prepared for what you are Praying for" ....... My answer today ...NO, I'm not prepared today but I will be..... Are you??

The older I get, the more I like to prepare..... I urge you this week to remove the excuses, set the time aside and do yourself some good and prepare accordingly for the promises you so attentively await....for your now and for your later!!

Love ya, R. Rene'

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