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Make your Bed FIRST!

If you are reading this I am sure you can affirm that TODAY is indeed a GOOD DAY! We are alive, we are well and we have another chance to change another opportunity to simply LIVE! As busy as this week has been it was truly a great week. I say this with much joy because all weeks are not great...some are just OK...some are blah...and others are just down right BAD. So when I get a GOOD one I project the same energy into everyone I encounter. Who wouldn't want to share something GOOD!? ( Motive to that intro- STOP SHARING BAD AND FIND SOMETHING GOOD TO GIVE TO OTHERS , it starts with a smile and ends with a HUG or HELLO not your COMPLAINTS, It could be worse) smile**

Moving right along ...I must share this light bulb moment I had this week. Those that have the pleasure of knowing me personally know that I have a thing for home goods. Comforters, sheets, pillows, mirrors you name it I love it LOL. I also have a bit of a nuance with lying down in a messed up bed. What I mean by messed up is sheets in disarray, comforter half on, pillows out of place on the floor and just a sense of disorder and lack of completeness in my sleeping space. Ever wondered why when you have laundry baskets full of clothes or shoes out the box around the room , papers on your dresser etc. and you wake up frustrated and brain kind of cluttered? God forbid you leave the TV powered up on top of all almost wake up still tired! Ever been there? Well I finally made a correlation between the messy room, the cluttered thoughts and that old saying of making up one bed before laying in another that all of our grandmother's said from one time or another. When you climb on top of the clutter and disarray you are simply adding to the mess you neglected to clean up and that my friends is why you CANNOT rest....see if you cleaned up the small life details of all that is going on around you when you get in the bed it would be a clean slate. All things would in proper order and there would even be room for your HEAD to lay in the appropriate position on its rightful pillow with a FRESH pillow case and LOTS of room for Clean Dreams and a clear FOCUS. Many of us are climbing in messy beds and expecting to wake up to a new day of possibilities but we don't want to do the cleaning, purging and organizing that needs to take place to see what you realistically have room for!

You don't know what you can or cannot handle because you can barely see beyond the mess that you lay in on a daily basis....You come home to that after attempting to make beds in other places ( inserts my own JESUS scream). You are on your job fixing other problems (but you have problems at home), you are building new avenues and paths for people around you yet your path is not clear to you (It’s true be honest) and lastly you are acting as a housekeeper to someone else's house (Stuff, life, family, volunteering) and your home is NOT kept! This week I want to encourage each of you to do 1 thing.....Clean your room and MAKE YOUR OWN BED First!

There is a true sense of PEACE that comes with a clean room. I was making my bed this morning and there was a sudden excitement that came over me when I looked at how nicely things were put in place.... I thought about how nice it was going to be to return to a clean room & clean bed where I can sleep in peace with clean thoughts....It gives me something to LOOK forward to! We all know that a work day can come and go with no sense of clarity but just imagine how something as small as a kept bed can bring your life so much PEACE.

Somebody will miss the analogy I guarantee it, but for those of you that get this message in the core of your soul you will begin to find an inner peace and I promise you no other day or week will be the same!

You cannot get a Bigger New House , if the old one is NOT in order...( Same goes for girlfriends/boyfriends, Ex-wives/husbands...You want something new but keeping up the same mess from the BED you had in college ( This is not my area but I will call that Granny's relationship TIP 101 and save that for another day)

Clean up, Get Organized and Find your PEACE. So that you can MOVE forward with Clean Thoughts and Make room for CLEAN and CLEAR DREAMS!

Just a little nugget to carry you all into the weekend!

Love you all with my whole-heart!

PS- While you’re at it Drop a few of those BAGS off in the dumpster you have no more room for those things that don't present you with CLEAR motives and opportunity!


”To 3Volve takes knowing you, accepting you and BEING YOU!"

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