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BALANCE is a key to LIFE!

Greetings Framily!!! (Family & Friends)!!!

I know, I know it’s been quite some time since I have written anything. Over 30 days to be exact and I was initially really disappointed in my personal delay from getting my weekly writing out. I would write while I traveled, I would prepare half way and convince myself the words weren't good enough or maybe it was too personal to share... I literally spent some time in a quiet place in an effort to ACTIVATE the future of my BRAND, MY BUSINESS and MY future overall. During this quiet time I traveled a lot and closed out my summer full of LOVE, Excitement and REST! So now that I am back on the MAP, in my home location and ready to release this FOCUSED FALL it is only right that I offer a word of ENCOURAGEMENT for someone in the camp that may be dealing with lack of BALANCE!

Be it too much of a thing or too little of a thing or not enough of either we all tend to get to a place where we lose balance or FOCUS if you will. Things are going well at work, you have a social life, you tend to your mate/kids, exercise, play a little ball, meditate and get up early to do your make-up or lack thereof fellas and it feels like things are going in the right direction....Money is flowing...and all is well right? and then BOOM a deadline appears, projects are overflowing, kids are ill, no time for exercise, barely sleeping and you failed to even say Goodnight or Good morning to your spouse because you barely see them and forget your side hustle or church cause your day job has you consumed and you begin to neglect the things that have yet held your world together thus far....sound familiar?? Lack of Balance and when the art of Multi-Tasking fails miserably how do you respond? Is your patience tested? attitude short? do things get worse before they get better? If you can say this has never happened to you then I want to nicely ask you to send me an email as to what your secret is because all Human Beings have been in this place at least once in their life where all things seem extremely overwhelming and if you had your way a umbrella drink, a quick flight to an island would become your personal therapy and you would likely THROW in the towel!

Well that's what I why I want to encourage you today! To help you find a BALANCE in your life that will allow you “THROW in the TOWEL" moments even when life is overwhelming you and nothing seems to go as planned! But these throw in the Towel moments won't cause you to LOSE but WIN- Finding your hiding place if you will!

In search of my own balance recently I discovered that (1) Short vacations or Mental health breaks in silence spontaneously worked for me.....I was able to breathe a different air rather it were a quick train ride to new York or some quiet time at home ...I recognized that the key to my balance was to also (2) Stay organized during the chaos. When you stay organized during life's chaotic moments you tend to feel like you have something under control and it creates a personal security for your totally lost moments....and lastly but definitely not least (3) Connect with people who don't look or function like you - sounds weird right? Let me tell you why this works....because they keep you from having a pity party about your lack of balance! They are moving when you feel like staying still....they don't know your history and they keep you on your toes because they force you to keep moving also.....TD jakes said something great the other night,he posed the question of what it looked like if you ever tried to follow a PARKED car? It's the same when your life is hectic and unbalanced you don't feel like even being you! Your friends will say be still, it will be ok... have pity on the situation & let you soak in it a bit longer than a stranger ...going nowhere and doing nothing...Those who don't know you who and have their own personal " chaos" really don't care to hear what's happening while they're too moving or shaking through the trenches. They only care that your moving and want to keep you moving. What you don't realize is seeing you move helps them too! (Follow them & give them someone to Follow) ** You will get that later!!! When you are depleted and mentally drained & so is your crew there is nothing you can do for each other! Somebody has to know how to SWIM above water!!! Creating a balance in your life is Key to not dying in self-bondage DUE TO overwhelming circumstances! We have to find a FIGHT and a FOCUS that will embed the tattoo of “THIS TOO SHALL PASS" in your spirit and never leave you!

I am charging everyone this 9th day of September to join me in the movement of a FOCUSED FALL! It's simple, as the season changes SO SHOULD YOU! We must adapt to new climate often (especially if you live in a city where all seasons come to life) and you have to adopt this new attitude in order to truly live a BALANCED Life! I hear some of you now, well I am me year round...ummm YEA I am too but being the same me year after year likely yielded you the same life results.......How's that working for you?? Be flexible, Adapt and SHIFT in a direction that aligns your happiness, life balance focus and ultimately your Destiny! Things are about to Happen and unfortunately, (don’t kill the messenger) all of you or your pals won't be able to go if you do not set the tone and the stage soon! So again, I'm preparing for a Fruitful, Faithful, FOCUSED Fall.....ARE YOU?

Let's work together to change the hearts of all around us to walk in LOVE, EVOLVE and NOT TAP out, burn-out or lose out doing so! Just like OBEDIENCE, BALANCE is KEY and I believe you all have what it takes to live a Fully Balanced life no matter what!

3volbrand has HUGE plans in place and the WORLD is holding me accountable to produce GOOD fruit! It's definitely going the pace of a marathon and each move is intentional! I use to be stuck in a place because people that were close to me were coming too close to my personal craft or passion...but GOD had the final say and showed me he created me to TEACH it and LIVE it so this Trendsetter is back , balanced to STAY! (Don’t count your gift out because others are doing it, there is ROOM for you!) ~ #lifenugget Go 4 it! - I am not sure who that nugget was for but keep it close!

Stay Tuned!!!!!

New pics will be uploaded soon! Check back periodically!

I love you all with my whole-heart!

Many great life adventures await! Thanks as always for following the JOURNEY!

“Living Life above the limits" - R. Rene'

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