• R. Rene' Woodard


The past few days have been full of moments of reflections...reflecting on how I spend my time, reflecting on what I say and what I do and overall how I live. It's been an interesting discovery if I must say so myself. I'm not one to be extra deep all the time yet there is something about those aha moments of clarity within days of reflection that one must appreciate...I want to share a few short real-life stories in an attempt to encourage each of you to do just one thing from this point forward.......follow me for a minute...

So this week alone this is what I have witnessed....

The story of a 53 year old man , happily married, healthy, exercises daily might I add on the same job for the past 20 years, leaving work amongst his daily routine....collapses and falls dead at his car ..courtesy of a sudden heart attack....unexpected

42 year old female leaving from having dinner with friends headed home to her husband and child, stops at a red light as the light turns green she moves ahead to now sit in the midst of a police chase in a residential area ....the high speed chase resulted in her car being hit and her being hospitalized....for a few days fighting for life and during the 6th day of her hospital stay she passes away....unexpected

58 year old man on life support, organs failing while his family prays that a sudden light of LIFE would keep him alive and well for just a little while longer...unexpected

31 year old male....single, handsome, working his dream job, well-traveled and living his dream life...yet depressed and unhappy wishing he had someone who cared....decides to take his own life ...unexpected.....

40 year old film producer striking his 2nd #1 movie in America after 10+ years of working in the industry .....

I watched 100's of people pour out there hearts to GOD just because in adoration of who GOD is to them production, no pressing, no music....

I watched a couple that LOVED each other beyond their individual faults take there relationship to the next level.....courthouse style....:)

I could go on with several short stories of unexpected encounters, situations and life moments but what I want to encourage each of you to do most importantly is to LIVE! To LIVE a life without regrets, to LIVE the life you have been given and To LIVE IT as if it were the best life ever even if it is not where you currently desire to be. We have to get over the days of planning for better days and simply make today a better day. We ( I included) spend so much of our days and nights worried about tomorrow when it is essentially not even promised. You know not the day nor the hour that you will be called home and as old- Christian folk tale style as that sounds its true! When I use to hear pastor's say that in my youth I would kind of brush it off like they all say that but in my present age it has become more real to me than ever!People are leaving without notice and quite frankly we don't have time to be ungrateful for the life we have been given. Some of us are more successful with where you are than anyone in your entire family! Your ancestors never thought twice about the roads you have traveled, the people you have met nor did they desire to experience the world in the lens you currently view it from....We are blessed that even when we are not well, we are WELL. ( Some of y'all will get that later)..

If you can walk away from today's TOTD with anything at all I would hope that it would be to LOVE all pieces of the person you see in the mirror everyday that you are allowed to LIVE. We all make mistakes, we all don't do things as well as we should life came with no instructions but LIFE is definitely a gift...cherish it and those around you. Let not one little thing effect the days in which you are given. People change, circumstances arise but you only get 1 LIFE!


I love each of you with my whole-heart!

Continue to 3VOLve! ( Evolve that is)!!

R. Rene' -


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