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Inspired to LOVE~ A tribute to RUBY DEE WALLACE


I rarely share writings on Fridays but this week is a must. After many recent conversations of Love, Life, Death and Destiny I couldn't help but feel something special when actress, motivator, activist Ruby Dee transitioned to heaven this week. Never meeting her is one thing but a spiritual encounter received through watching her life, experiencing the fruit of her passion and witnessing her love for her husband made me feel like she was my great grandmother or Great Aunt if you will. Those who have met my fierce, educated and sassy Aunt ANNIE in Michigan can definitely relate and see why lil ole me would consider a woman such as MRS RUBY DEE clearly my next of Kin. As I read continuous post over the net, articles and recalled some of her films I realized how essential LOVE , true LOVE was for her and how it ran rampant across all that she encountered ...especially her husband of 57 years until his death ( a LOVE SOME OF US may never know)....It truly amazed me ...and I realized to LOVE genuinely is a GIFT . She left so many nuggets in the world with those around her. When I was younger I never understood when the old folks said "You can tell how one LIVED by the LEGACY they leave", but today in 2014 I realized that the two are very well connected. .... What does the LIFE you LIVE today say about you and the Legacy you shall one day leave behind? Would I be pleased ? Would the impact be strong enough to provoke positive thoughts and encourage people to change and embrace even after my absence? Yep, these are things that some quick reads and the search of my own personal memory bank of RUBY DEE on the screen did today and I am grateful for being a lover of the arts in a manner that I simply knew who she was and recall a statement or two that she shared with the WORLD... I was listening and its making a difference in the lives of many today!

As you go into your weekend, I bid you to truly LIVE a LIFE that's worth LIVING and Live a Life that your LEGACY shall be proud of!

Dance like no one is watching , Love like there is no tomorrow and Dream with no limits believing all things are truly possible, that's what I do! :)

“One thing is certain: The best of me has been subsidized by the best of what you are. I have no hungers that you do not feed "- Ruby Dee 2005

"Yes the wedding can be a beautiful and exciting, expensive event, or it can be a handshake, or a jump over a broom, but it is just that – an event, the one that precedes the marriage.”- Ruby Dee ( Courtesy of Essence Magazine)

"The great thing about marriage is that it gives a man time to find out what love is all about. Love, in the end, is the object of existence"- Ruby Dee (1999)

RIL ( Rest In Love, Ruby Dee Wallace) ~ Now she is what I call an INSPIRATION!





A true lover of LOVE and evolution of people heart, mind and soul!



R. Rene Woodard

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