• R. Rene' Woodard

Just Do IT !

Greetings PEEPS!!!!

The time has finally here! We are LIVE! The site is under construction but that was NOT going to stop me from writing this week and sharing this with you all! I say it often but here you go again MY LIFE IS MY TESTIMONY!!! I contemplated waiting until my new photos were in and until I had my entire portfolio ready to release the site and this morning as I prepared for my day....the Lord gave me the sudden urge to JUST DO IT! I looked at my NIKE's by the door and was suddenly reminded of the 8 miles I have left of the #roadto34 challenge but then it became even more real to me that I cannot and will not become who GOD wants me to be if I continue to SIT on the gifts he has so graciously given me. So here I am releasing it to you and the rest of the world this Saturday May, 17, 2014 for the very first time. ( All smiles) :)

I want to take a moment and encourage the rest of you today to JUST DO IT! STOP thinking you are not GOOD enough because YOU are more than enough! After a recent medical scare I really started to look at life out an even bigger window than before ( as if my DREAM WINDOW was not already huge) and the light at the end of the tunnel was sitting in front of my face and I had no clue which way to move.....we pray for the light but we don't have a clue what direction we will venture once we get there.....sound familiar.... I began to ask myself if I only had a few more hours or a few more days on earth what would I want the world to remember about me.......what would I want to say to my family....what hearts desire had I held myself back from ...and in sickness I began to function in a capacity that met the needs of others but ultimately met my needs and family it was a moment of Clarity and Freedom like never before because without thinking I decided to JUST DO IT!!!!!


I want to travel abroad - JUST DO IT

I want to write 3 books- JUST DO IT!

I want to open a store- JUST DO IT!

I want to be Married- JUST DO IT!

I WANT TO START A MOVEMENT! - JUST DO IT ( I did that, #roadto34, I encouraged 43 people to adopt fitness habits over the course of 34 days by walking and running at minimum a mile a day! , I asked for 34 people GOD sent me 43 when you MOVE he moves, catch that)

I would love to work as a freelance writer, editor at a TOP MAGAziNE! JUST DO IT!

I want to get a new job- JUST DO IT!


I HEAR THESE THOUGHTS THROUGH THE KEYBOARDS, ACROSS THE STATES , VIA FB, IG , PHONE CALLS AND EMAILS.....TODAY'S MESSAGE just do it! God sent me to tell you GO GET IT! All he is waiting on is you this morning. I spoke to a friend/fam last night in Miami- he was there on business...he left his six-figure job to become a stylist/intern in LA. It was different it was challenging and everyone asked WHY? but he was passionate and now he's happy....and he was calling me from Miami on a work project ( styling) for SPIKE TV! We have prayed , We have encouraged....I remember when.....and last night it was blessing to see all that he believed GOD would do manifest in his daily life. I almost cried looking at publications of his work how a few short months life changed for him and I got excited because I know the drive....the patience....and the beat behind the beauty and you can experience that same freedom when you STEP out.... How do I know because we Serve a GOD who does not show favorites he gave us all the same power same opportunities we just use them differently! put your running gear on and JUST DO It! Nike knew exactly how to Brand! It was much bigger than the was a life message! Did you get it?

Ps- and if you need my help~ You know where to find me! Let's set our Dreams in motion! You are not ALONE!

What better day than TODAY!

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