Unapologetic and In Therapy!

Unapologetic and In Therapy!

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Life Tee Collection is back!!


Restocked-Unbothered - In Therapy  ( and IS)

Our community did us a disservice by keeping Therapy away from us for many years but now you can't keep us out of therapy and we are no longer ashamed to share it! Sometimes laying on the couch is the necessary medicine to help you do the work, Unapologetically!

Normalize Therapy with this cool T-shirt!


What's an Impact Architect? 


A Impact architect is a person dedicated to building business, community, people and spaces that champion sustainable change and impact globally. Your Gem dropper , Subject Matter Expert, Grandparent or Parent these are your difference makers and world shakers . 

This is Not Your Average Influencer , but your Master Builder and Hidden gem whose focus goes beyond the Influence.  

Does  your gift make room for you and others? If the answer is YES then an Impact Architect is YOU!  


Grab your shirt TODAY ,Let's Build together!


Color : Black