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Listen to the Voice!

Happy Monday!!

I pray each of you had a wonderful weekend.

As I prepared for this week and I started to gather my to do list I realized, I did NOT add write this week’s blog to the list. I knew it had to be done, I know its apart of my weekly routine even if I don’t get to it until Thursday sometimes (pray for me) it is something that still needs to be done. I was prompted with no note to write this week … I even questioned rather I was doing this out of routine or passion, and I was quickly reminded of some things. I don’t know why I am sharing this part, but I do know this …. We all have that thing that we lean into naturally. Something on the inside of us says “Do It”, “Don’t Forget” and though we may not always listen to it, it’s there, loud and repetitive, prompting us to do the THING.

As I get into this week’s share, I just want to encourage someone who may be reading this week feeling a bit stuck or like you are on autopilot disconnected from your craft to simply Listen to that voice!!! It comes naturally because it’s what you should be doing and while it does not always feel like a fancy plight it is an impactful one. I remain in awe that you all have obliged me, my pen and pad for close to 14 years now. I think its mind blowing, I think I’ve been a bit selfish because I have run from the voice to write things and share for a very long time. I have years of journals, content, writings, scripts etc. that have never left my hands. I recall the days of “people” telling me what to write and at times what NOT to write, I had someone go as far as to tell me that writing about life, culture, faith was not my lane and that I should stick to healthcare and career tips. I remember it all like it was yesterday. I don’t keep this memory close as a reminder to NOT write but it drops in as a reminder TO write often…. not to prove them wrong but to be an example for each of you reading and solid PROOF that other people’s thoughts do NOT control our destiny or destination.

I was prompted on yesterday in a very fiery way to LEAN in fully to the calling over my life, which is way bigger than all that I could ever imagine and while I am still sitting in the middle of processing this charge as well as learning a hard lesson from one of those moments where I dismissed the small voice over the weekend I charge you to LISTEN to the VOICE! I had plans to share something totally different today, but I feel like there was some motivation up in all of that for at least one of you to chew on this week!

I’ll leave you with these 4 things as you work to LISTEN closely to the VOICE this week.

1. Restore your vision --- Obeying what you hear is going to require you to tap a little deeper into the vision. For some of you it may look like picking up something you put down. Restore It.

2. Remain Focused---- Be immovable in your dealings, let your desire to accomplish your goals cancel out all the background noise and distractions that may come your way!

3. Re-route if necessary --- Change is GOOD and it’s ok --- If what you originally planned no longer fits the season, the person, or the people you serve …. change the direction and the people will adjust. Real talk, YOU will adjust too!

4. Remember your Why----- Remember the good, remember the bad but most importantly remember your WHY. Let the actions of what produced good and the fuel of the bad force you to never forget why you started in the first place …. or why you put it down. Sometimes the remembrance gets you back in the appropriate position.

Love you all and THANK YOU again for your continued support!


ps. Keep me in your Prayers this week as I am walking to some New Things!

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