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" You are a Walking Brand" 


What is Life Brand Factory?

Life Brand Factory is a consulting agency and community resource hub dedicated to empowering and developing multicultural men and women of color in business, entrepreneurship, executive leadership and more. 

Life Brand leaders design innovative solutions and tools to help individuals and organizations evolve , expand and develop meaningful brand strategies and partnerships from the inside out. 


Work with Rochonda

Corporate, Non-Profit Leadership, Organizational Assessment


Advise mid-large corporations and non-profit leaders on organizational improvement, mission and vision aligment , redefining the culture, team morale and creative program development.


Global Community Engagement and Programs

Curate ongoing networking and business development opportunities virtually and in-person for clients and community to increase access to education, advocacy, build long term partnerships,  visibility and additional  resources to help elevate their personal brands and well-being.

  • Executive 

    • Executive Coaching for Leaders, Management and aspiring leaders looking to take their skills to the next level and establish deeper professional relationships

  • Business 

    • Entrepreneurs/Start-Up Companies- Idea to Execution

    • Creative Business Development and Planning  

    • Team Building 

  • Career  

    • Students/College Graduates 

    • Seasoned Professionals and 2nd Career Job-Seekers 

    •  Professional Development

  • Personal Coach- "Getting to the Heart of the matter "

    • Individual /One-on-One/Group 


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