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" You are a Walking Brand" 


What is Life Brand Factory?

Life Brand Factory is a  personal and executive consulting agency dedicated to empowering and developing successful entrepreneurs, leaders, students and professionals. 

LBF designs innovative solutions and tools to help individuals and organizations evolve , expand and develop meaningful brand strategies from the inside out. 


Work with Rochonda

Corporate, Non-Profit Leadership, Organizational Assessment


Advise mid-large corporations and non-profit leaders on organizational improvement, mission and vision aligment , redefining the culture, team morale and creative program development.


Global Community Engagement and Programs

Curate ongoing networking and business development opportunities virtually and in-person for clients and community to increase access to education, advocacy, build long term partnerships,  visibility and additional  resources to help elevate their personal brands and well-being.

  • Executive 

    • Executive Coaching for Leaders, Management and aspiring leaders looking to take their skills to the next level and establish deeper professional relationships

  • Business 

    • Entrepreneurs/Start-Up Companies- Idea to Execution

    • Creative Business Development and Planning  

    • Team Building 

  • Career  

    • Students/College Graduates 

    • Seasoned Professionals and 2nd Career Job-Seekers 

    •  Professional Development

  • Personal Coach- "Getting to the Heart of the matter "

    • Individual /One-on-One/Group 


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