" You are a Walking Brand" 


R. Rene is passionate about sharing her story and experiences with the world and assisting clients ready to SOAR to their next level.

R. Rene' is a dedicated to serving her community, entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals with all of their resource needs and professional goals and endeavors. We are confident Lifebrand can assist you with obtaining your career or business dreams. From job search strategies , image consultations, executive coaching and more she has a personalized program to fit your need!!


17 years of proven success in business and personal coaching , public speaking , resume writing, Leading and developing career workshop

Over 100+ resumes, workshops and career talks facilitated

15 years of healthcare strategy and implementation, Project Management  and Quality Improvement  

150 hospitals and clinics transformed 

12+ years of Training , Program Development 

Successfully trained 700+ IT Professionals on Process Improvement Strategies, System Workflows ,Operations 

7 years of  Executive Coaching /Advisory, Leadership Retreat Development and Facilitation 

Life Coaching Services  

Introductory Consultation - A online or phone consultation and assessment of personal and business needs one-on-one with LBF Coach. Post Consultation, Individuals will be provided an assessment and implementation strategy recommendation. At this time, clients can determine to extend life coaching services over the course of 21-30-90 day offerings or to proceed with recommendations at own pace without a coach.  Introductory Consultation Fee will be waived for all clients purchasing a 21-90 day package. 

90 Day Personal Coaching- Custom 

HABIT - The 21 day challenge to break bad and incorporate new habits through coaching , mentorship and personal plan development.  During the 90 day commitment , LB Coach will assist individuals with developing clear, concise and sustainable life moves to increase confidence, career and business motivation and shift the personal life trajectory.  These sessions address fear, failure and intentional goal setting and more

Executive Coaching Services   - Leaders/Business Executives ( Custom Program)

Executive coaching services are customized coaching solutions for organization leaders, directors, managers and team leads that need assistance with management techniques and understanding staff personality styles and traits.  LBF EC solution is also good for leadership retreat engagement , employee morale refresher and for organizations who are undergoing rapid change.  The solution focuses on how to leadership proof your environment. 

R. Rene' Speaks

If you are looking for an authentic leader  and story-teller with real -life experiences , transparency and professional training to inspire , motivate and challenge your department,  team members  , women, men, youth or full organization  to  leap into their divine purpose in their everyday dealings or ministry Look no further.  R. Rene' has delivered messages that have empowered many to  navigate life through a more positive and purpose driven, lens with her energy and round the way girl approach. She is the girl s and holds genuine concern for the lives of others, her goal is to get people motivated, unstuck and on track once and for all despite their past experiences!  Inquire today for rates and availability! 


Business Services
  • -Organization Consultation and Assessment 

  • -Business Optimization and Marketing 

  • -Dreamer to Doer - " I have a Dream , II need a business plan and execution strategy"

  • -Business Resource  HUB Connection

  • - Funding - Creative ways to Finance your Business

  •  -Business Programs

  • -Start-up assistance and more!! 


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"I remain inspired to EQUIP and EMPOWER  people to LIVE whole and intentional in all that they do! - R. Rene"

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