• R. Rene' Woodard

You think you know.....

Happy Monday!

I know it’s late right …. I had to take a MHB (Mental Health Break) today…. It was truly necessary that I gave my body a day of what it needed, and REST was essential.

I wanted to jump in and grab your ears at the top of the week in hopes that this will bless you, a family member or loved one along the way. This week’s message is kind of simple and straight forward and quite honestly it may be tight for a few of you, but I promise it will hit right for those of you who are open to hearing it. You ready? Here it goes.

Stop making Assumptions……

You know the stories in your mind……. Answering your own questions with your own outcome without having all the details or chain of events. It’s hurting you personally and professionally and if you are not careful you are going to set yourself up for future failures because of it. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the reality is YOU DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING and that’s ok. You aren’t supposed to. Your OVERTHINKING is also leading you to the assumptions you have about everybody at work, the leadership, the organization, folks in your family, about your spouse/partners and potential suitors as well for those of you dating or looking to date. It must STOP now. WHY? Because you owe it to yourself to walk in everything that you prayed for with a clear mind hoping for the best and not the worse. Not using your past experiences, trauma, and triggers to be deciding factors of how you approach or walk out your current season. I can say this because I once lived in the world of assumptions too and it did just as the old folks said it would …. made an A** out of me…. because I found out quickly in a lot of situations, I thought I knew but I really had no idea. The world today is very different than it was before …. The people you encounter today are very different than those of the world you once knew … It’s BIGGER than YOU and you owe it to yourself and the folks you encounter to be open to learning something new if needed. I often encourage you all to be sponges …. constant learners of the game of life …. NOW is the time to activate that characteristic and soak up the newness of what this part of your journey has to offer. In my best African voice, READY yourselves aka PREPARE and Don’t assume. BE confident, not arrogant, Trust that there is no good thing that will be withheld from you in any area of your life and always Lead with Love and GRACE in all your dealings.

I would hate to hear that though you were positioned for greatness you could not step out of your own way for long enough to see it manifested. This is how WE (YOU) begin doing the work.

If you struggle with this and as I said I was also once guilty of it …. Get Aligned with the things that can help you kick this habit once and for all.

3 quick tips to STOP making assumptions ….

1. FACT Check-Ask Good and Forward Moving questions (No Guessing Games)

2. Get a Mentor, Coach or Accountability Partner

3. Slow down; Think things through “Does this make sense” and remember tip #1

We all need people in our lives that will remind us that our voice is valid, but they won’t accept our trauma responses as truth!

I pray that your week is filled with an overflow of joy, peace, and clarity! You have a right to WIN, don’t you ever forget it!!

Love ya,